About Our Program

Transform teaching and learning to better equip our students with the knowledge and skills necessary to be globally competitive.

Integrate 21st Century skills that center on "Project Based Learning," while fostering rigorous and relevant experiences in preparation for post-secondary success.

Classrooms that center on inquiry through experiential, hands-on, studentdirected, project based instruction in a cross curricular environment.

The foundation of G² is to integrate 21st century educational experiences that are personalized, authentic, include adult connections and provide a rigorous learning environment. We hope you will consider this opportunity and look forward to continued ways to create meaningful learning experiences for students at Prairie High School.

What you will see in a classroom:
  • Personal learning connections
  • High Levels of Engagement
  • Improved Attendance
  • Social and Academic Skill Development
  • Time Management
  • Collaborative Relationships and Positive Communication among Diverse Groups of Students
  • Community Connections
  • Real World Relevancy
  • Rigorous Preparation
  • 1:1 Technology
  • Students Constructing Solutions
  • Strong Post Secondary Planning
  • Group Contracts with Individual Expectations
  • Group Presentations

Prairie G² at the High School

One 10th grade team of 100 students in 2011 moves on to:

  • One 11th grade team in 2012
  • One 12th grade team in 2013
  • 4 core classes blocked in the middle of the day
  • Your choice for electives outside of G2