Fotos de Cabo Verde

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Cape Verde Islands

Dune shadow Textures Boavista landscape Dunes Landscape Ghost town. Dead tree More desert. Bofareira, Boavista. Boavista Dunes. Mini desert Viana. Crossing it must take 3 hours. Delta 100, strange, almost looks like HIE. Dunes on 120 Door, Fogo Island. There was a kind of fog, actually dust, from the Sahara. Kids from Fogo Island. 6th or 7th generation of just one man that lived in the islands around 100 years ago. He left so many descendants that they are hundreds today. Dune#7 Window, fishermen ghost town. Palm trees, the white sky is due to the dust from the Sahara. The sun is blazing behind the palmtrees. Caldeira do Fogo, remains of a big crater. Dunes and Rocks. House inside. S. Filipe, Fogo island. Fogo island volcano Boavista Island dunes. Semi-abstract. Sand dunes from Boavista. A desert in miniature. Chã das Caldeiras. Volcano crater.


Still there, but less and less photogenic. Wreck perspective Another try, with less halo. Defeated Santa Maria Repost with abetter print. Repost of the Ghost ship. whit a little burn on the clouds. Wall and Santa Maria. Cloudy. The broken Santa Maria. Tide debris Di and wreck Ghost Ship. A bit risky for the gear.


Pig's View. Vila do Maio. Maio Island. Gifts. Tiger Shark caught in Cape Verde. Facing extintion. Lonely shade II Jose Castro and is cat. Small vilage in Maio, Cape Verde. Deserto de Viana Cape Verde. Ilha do maio, Cabo Verde. Tree in dried river bed Mini desert in Boavista, Cabo verde. Must have 4 km in lenght. Graveyard in S. Filipe, Fogo, Cabo Verde. Light House in Cabo Verde. Tree in Boavista. Docking, Sal Island, Cabo Verde. Kids carriyng the benchs after school. Graveyard, Boavista,CV. 4 girls House in ruins Kid watching fish Mini Church Pier at dusk Dusk Cape Verde fisherman Pier fishing Pier in Sal, Cape Verde Á pesca (Fishing)


Gravity effects Sand dunes of Boavista Foot marks Dune Footsteps Sand effects Same old Dune Tech Pan, no filter in printing. Same dune, diferent cloud. Wet and dry sand Dune Motorbike track Sand effects Sand reflexes


Santo Antao They stop playing and posed.Cape Verde Islands. Cova. Inside a big crater of an extinct volcano. 1979 mt high. Ponta do Sol, Santo Antao, Cape verde Ribeira Grande, Santo Antao Landscape, Santo Antao