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Urban acrobats get kick out of Parisian suburbs

PARIS (Reuters) - Raimundo Querido sprinted up three flights of stairs, scaled a wall as tall as himself, and somersaulted off a roof into a flower bed. The scene did not take place during last year's riots in Paris' poor suburbs, when youths angry about racism and unemployment set thousands of cars ablaze and police chased them through a concrete maze of high-rise buildings.


It's just what Querido, 25, does on a Sunday afternoon. "Most people see the suburbs and say 'How ugly -- concrete, concrete, concrete'. I look at it and think: 'Great! You can climb up here, jump off there'," says Querido, who wears a suit and a tie for his day-time job in a bank.

Querido is an "urban acrobat" who spends all his free time on Parkour -- "the art of moving" which was made popular by Frenchman David Belle some 15 years ago and has become a widely practiced extreme sport in urban settings worldwide. Inspired by athletes from prehistoric hunters to gymnasts to martial arts experts, the idea of Parkour is to get from A to B as fast as you can, using just your physical strength and dexterity to overcome obstacles.

Querido and his group Adrenaline have made commercials, featured at cinema openings and company events and shown in rap videos. Their stunts include jumping off supermarket roofs or scampering down the side of a deep shipping container, before sprinting up the other wall in Spiderman-like fashion. The four men clad in tracksuits and hooded sweaters say their example proves you can succeed even when you come from poor neighborhoods outside Paris where unemployment is often three to four times higher than in the rest of France.


Querido, who moved to France from Cape Verde when he was 12, says his family on the islands off West Africa's coast recently saw him in a commercial in which Adrenaline was chasing a pot of yogurt over cliffs and rocks, filmed in the Chilean mountains.

"People there told me that they saw me on TV and cried," he said. "There's nothing greater than to know that people are looking at you and feel encouraged by it." Adrenaline member Daniel Girondeaud says he is proud he now makes some money from Parkour but says he does not want the sport to be so closely linked to the image of rough suburbs.

Rogamar – A equação Cesaria Evora

Pois é! Ela ainda aí está! Incrível em longevidade artística, em fidelidade afectiva. Cesaria Evora, princesa de um país que não existia antes dela, pelo menos no imaginário planetário, edita o seu décimo álbum, Rogamar. E para quê mudar, se a riqueza é verdadeira. Cesaria não é do género especulador, tanto quanto não é do tipo poupada. Ela é igual a si mesma, vive com as suas forças, as suas coragens, os seus valores, as suas teimas.

Eis então a equação. Primeiro termo : um arquipélago atlântico, dez ilhas perdidas ao largo do Senegal, no caminho para as Américas ; um clima salgado cuja secura é compensada pelo vai-vém incessante das águas do mar e pelos balanceamentos soçobrados de uma música que soube absorver a África, Portugal, a Inglaterra a salsa, o samba, a quadrilha, o lundum e o fado.

My Visit to Cabo Verde

Unlike my first folder on Tibet, Cabo verde has been a 6 year project done on no  assigment but for pure pleasure. When I first visited the islands in 1997 I knew I was hooked and destined to return every successive year. It would be hard for me to give reason full reason, but as I am mainly interested in people I found the right kind of them on these desert like islands. I felt I had to learn the Capverdian Creol to move and communicate more freely. As there are more Capverdians in emigration than on the islands I traveled to find them around Boston, in Holland and Belgium,Senegal and Switzerland. And I am still on my way to find out more about them.

My Pictures from Cabo Verde


Italian girls might be pretty...Asian girls could be smart...But it really takes a Cape Verdean girl To win a boy's heart...A Columbian girl is tan...A Brazilian girl is naughty...But when you want the best looking girl...Cape Verdean girls are hotties...Puerto Rican girls are wild...British girls are fun...But Cape Verdean girls...Come on...we're number 1...Diamonds are dazzling...And so are pearls...But those things can't compare to us...cause Nothing's better than Cape Verdean Girls...Girls will be girls...North...South...East...or West...But Cape Verdean girls Always rate the best...Irish girls can be playful...Spanish girls can tease...But when it comes to please...The best girls are Cape Verdean...To any man who reads this...And truly wants to know...If you have a Cape Verdean Girl...You should never let her go
(...hint hint...)lol




Novu computador de Dell’s ku kusta 85 mil escudos ja a Venda.

Dell dja kaba de anuncia kes sta bem cumeça ta bendi ses novu
computador pa jogadores de jogos electronicos “XPS 600 Renegade
Gaming” que foi mostrado na CES 2006 Comferencia de Electronica
na Las Vegas na mez de Janeiro de 2006. Ku fabricason limitado,
pintado a pedido, DELL sta tenta comprador exclusivo a jogadores
de jogos electronicos mais serio ou seja kenha ki ta vive de jogos.
Kel computador li e primero feito ku technologia pa acerela
processadores pa ses limites. E sta usa cartao de video the
AGEIA(TM) PhysX(TM) e ta pou ta esperiencia kuazi tempo real
na jogos e tb ta jogo xinti muto mas real e interactivo. Tb,
Dell mostra um novu ecran 30-polegadas ecran flat de estilo de
largo pa consumidor ki mesti xinti mas dento de jogo, ki e Alta
difinissao HD, novu Intel Pentium(R) 965 processado com
velocidadeate 4.26 GHz ku velocidade extra para melhorar bu
esperiencia. Preço di kel computador ta cumeça na 85 mil escudos
Caboverdianos $9930.00 Dollar. Si bo e um Amador de electronica e
bu for Rico entao keli e um computador ki vale a pena ser comprado!

msung Unveils World’s Smallest Laptop


Samsung Unveils World\'s Smallest LaptopWhen the world is going all crazy for the wider-screen laptops, Samsung Korea has launched Samsung Q35, the world’s smallest laptop! The stylish laptop weighs about 1.9kg and features a brilliant 12.1inch, 1280 × 800 widescreen display. And, the laptop is powered on an Intel Core Duo T2700 processor and has 80 GB of disk space with 512MB of 667MHz DDR 2 SDRAM. The mini-laptop features HD audio system that boasts of great sound quality, six-in-one memory card reader, PC Card slot, a pair of USB 2.0 ports for peripherals and last but not the least, it includes a six-cell battery which offers 7 hours of runtime. Remember, good things always come in small packages..!!


Incredible High Low Heel Shoe


High Low Heel ShoeThough, most of the girls or may be should say all the fashion-crazy girls love to cat-walk on high-heeled shoe but just think of the times when it really aches tip-toeing on high-heels around then for those times these High Low Heel Shoe will serve the purpose for you without even compromising on your looks for the design of the shoe is purely innovative that can turn into high heel or low heel as per your convenience! The shoe is based on the cool funda of using the heel only when you need it and flip it as soon as you don’t. Though, I could not gather much information about this cool-footwear but the design and the concept is just too good to make you fall for it…isn’t it!!!


Applied Nanotech Enters into Joint Venture to Take Out Pilot Line Of Nano-TV


Applied Nanotech Enters into Joint Venture to Take Out Pilot Line Of Nano-TVThe latest update on the Carbon Nanotube Television, predicted to be the next-generation display technology is that Applied Nanotech and Da Ling Co has entered into a joint venture with the aim of constructing a pilot line of the units after unveiling their 25-inch concept last year. The nano-TVs will be built with 60 to 100 inch diagonal screens when they will run into production after a series of trials that are scheduled to begin later this year or early next year. An article over at TheAge reports that, before CNT, Canon and Toshiba have also unveiled their surface-conduction electron-emitter displays (SED) units that are expected to go on sale in the fourth quarter of next year. The nano-TVs are designed to be large and flat, and will deliver images to the display using carbon nanotubes with high thermal and electrical conductivity and the units are estimated to be priced around $1,300 to $1,800.

Aerion To Build Supersonic Business Jet


Aerion To Build Supersonic Business JetAerion Corporation of Reno, Nevada has announced its plan to develop a sleek supersonic business jet that could cruise at Mach 1.6 and fly from New York to Paris in about four hours. The luxury jet will be constructed of advanced carbon epoxy, similar to the latest generation of military and civil types and will have a titanium leading edge. The jet will feature LCD “thin-film” lighting in soothing colors throughout the cabins, luxury seating with arm-rest controls for entertainment and communications options. The recliners can even be heated or cooled to individual preference. Cabin length at 30 feet, features three separate seating areas, plus room for a full galley and comfortable lavatory.

Gold Plated Kawasaki Motorcycle


Gold Plated Kawasaki Motorcycle

If you have not taken the “Gold Plated Motorcycle” title seriously then check this out! This shiny 24K gold-plated Kawasaki ZX-636 is presented by Two Brothers Racing’s Joel Albrecht to James Stewart. The bike is meant for riding at the track than on the street. The pinstriping was done by a company called Tagger out of Elsinore, who also do the helmets for Bubba. They worked a couple of months on the paint-job. The bike has graced the April 2006 cover of Cycle World and will also be showcased at the Indy Trade Show this year. Check-out more pictures here.