"A glorious moment in the history of Indian sports"

Master Pradipta Kumar Roy

 Master Ruma Roy Chowdhury

The first couple in the World of Sports to be inducted into the Taekwondo Hall of Fame on the same day

"Hall of Fame" is the highest honour in sports and is awarded to the great players in their respective sports discipline for their outstanding achievements in World of sports, particularly on the basis of their performance at International level. Many great players like Pele, Maradona, Puscas, Garincha and other great footballers were inducted into Hall of Fame. Similarly, Pete Sampras, Steffi Graff, Monica Seles and many other great Tennis players have been elected Hall of Fame. In Boxing, the names of Md. Ali, Foreman, Frazier have found place among the Hall of Fame inductees. Rudy Hortono, King and many other great players of Badminton were inducted into Hall of Fame as well.
No Indian player in any Olympic Sports discipline received this most prestigious award before Master Pradipta Kumar Roy & Master Ruma Roy Chowdhury. They are the first two Indian players to receive the highest honour in sports by way of induction in to TAEKWONDO HALL OF FAME ® in2009. They are the first couple to receive this most prestigious award together on the same day in the history of World of Sports. It is to be noted that now two Indian players namely Pradipta Kumar Roy & Ruma Roy Chowdhury have the unique distinction to join the assembly of great players who have been inducted into Hall of Fame in their respective sports discipline.
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8th February' 2011

International Taekwondo Festival' 2011 is a unique initiative to represent Taekwondo, a Martial Art and its Cultural Exchange Program between South Korea and our country (India). Venue: Sarat Sadan , Howrah Maidan , Howrah .(8th Feb 2011 )

On 8th February’ 2011 for the first time in India an International Taekwondo Festival’ 2011 with KUKKIWON (World Taekwondo Head Quarters) took place at Sarat Sadan, Howrah Maidan, Howrah. Great Sports Personality of USA Grand Master Gerard Robbins, Executive Director, Official Taekwondo Hall of Fame® inaugurated the Festival in presence of the Great Taekwondo Personality Grand Master Youn Kook Park, Head of the Kukkiwon Team & Director of Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Head Quarters), Grand Master Kwang-Mun Ko, Section Chief, Asian & Pacific Division, Overseas Strategy Team, Kukkiwon, quite a number of dignitaries like Hon’ble Ministers namely Sri Abdur Raczzak Molla,

Dr. Srikumar Mukherjee, Sri Kshiti Goswami, Prof. Pradip Bhattacharya, President, INTUC, Eminent Academicians, Bureaucrats, Senior Police Officers, Players, Youth & Children were present.

On 9th February’ 2011 Great US Sports Personality Grand Master Gerard Robbins, Exe. Director, Official Taekwondo Hall of Fame®and also the Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Headquarters) team were invited by Dr. Bimal Roy, Director, Indian Statistical Institute to visit Indian Statistical Institute for introduction of Taekwondo in Indian Statistical Institute (ISI). They gave a short demonstration before students, academicians & other officials of ISI. Great Taekwondo Personality Grand Master Youn Kook Park, Head of the Kukkiwon Team & Director of Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Head Quarters) assured the ISI Authorities all support from the World Taekwondo Body in introducing & developing Taekwondo.

Roy’s Taekwondo Academy makes Taekwondo History in India    

                                                                                    Breaking News

Pioneer Sports Personalities Master Pradipta Kumar Roy & Master Ruma Roy Chowdhury have received the rare honour of becoming “Technical Advisors” on the Advisory Committee of the “Official Taekwondo Hall of Fame®” to decide upon the nomination of outstanding taekwondo players, coach, pioneers etc… to be inducted into “Taekwondo Hall of Fame®”, the most prestigious Award in the World of Sports. We are the first two Indians to get such a unique honour to be members of the Advisory Board of “Hall of Fame” of any Olympic Sports Discipline.

Though they have received the Official Certificates on the 18th October’2011, the original announcement was made on 25th August’ 2011 at “Official Taekwondo Hall of Fame® Award Ceremony” held at KUKKIWON – World Taekwondo Head Quarters (Highest Body of Taekwondo), Seoul, Korea. Incidentally representatives of International Olympic Committee, World Taekwondo Federation, Pan American Taekwondo Union, Asian Taekwondo Union, European Taekwondo Union, African Taekwondo Union, Global Taekwondo Federation, International Taekwondo Federation, World Taekwondo Alliance and top Taekwondo Grand Masters and Taekwondo Personalities of different countries of the World, who attended the Ceremony were present at the time of announcement and greeted the new members. 

During the visit to KUKKIWON – World taekwondo Head Quarters to attend Official Taekwondo Hall of Fame® Award Ceremony in August’ 2011 Chosun University felicitated them on 24th August’ 2011 at Samjung Hotel, Seoul, Korea.

Master Pradipta Kumar Roy is appointed a KUKKIWON OVERSEAS MASTER and has been authorized to take KUKKIWON (World Taekwondo Head Quarters) Black Belt Test for Dan/Poom Certificates. In other words Master Pradipta Kumar Roy is appointed as a Regular Member in “World Taekwondo Leaders Forum of KUKKIWON” and Master Ruma Roy Chowdhury is also appointed as a Regular Member in “World Taekwondo Leaders Forum” who is responsible for formulation of future strategy and policy for development of this unique Olympic Sports world ever. It is very true that, only the most elite players are the registered members of “World Taekwondo Leaders Forum”.

The punctuation of his International Fame has not been finished yet. Master Roy has been elected as first Bengali International Referee in Taekwondo. And on behalf of Multi Culture World Taekwondo Committee has appointed Master Pradipta Kumar Roy as the Head of South West Asia Taekwondo Organisation. He is the first Indian Taekwondo Personality, who received this great responsibility in style. 


National Recognition and Felicitation

Hon'ble Prime Minister of India felicitated
Great Sports Personalities on 13 June 2009
His Excellency Governor of West Bengal felicitated Taekwondo Stars on 18 August 2009Hon'ble Chief Minister of W.B. felicitated
Taekwondo Legends on 21 October 2009

Hon'ble Union Minister of India Shri Sriprakash Jaiswal felicitated two Pioneer Sports Personalities

Shri Prakash Karat, Genl. Secretary, CPI(M) congratulated Taekwondo Legends Master Pradipta and Master Ruma


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