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Pradeep Maheshwari  Resume

S-164 Greater Kailash, Part 1, New Delhi 110048. India

Phones:  Work: 011 41730043,  Home: 011-29236711,  skype: pradeepmahesh

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Chief Editor-Citrine Books: 011-40581698
B19/3, Okhla Phase 2, New Delhi 110020 

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Have been active in Import/Export/Representation of Companies from Europe and Marketing Consultancy, Counseling. Product design and Development, Persona Enhancement as personal trainer. Teaching FRENCH & English, Published author, Travel Trade as Rep and Escort & Teacher


Some of the names in Europe I have been associated with are given here:



Airflow. England

Baccarat, France

Bauerhin-Elektro-Warme GmbH

Baybyliss, France

Chemx A/S, Denmark

ECAT Engineers & Consultants, Belgium,

FreeFlow of Staten Island, USA

IEH IMport-Export-Hannover,Germany

Lars Laj, Denmark

Molinex, Spain

PTB, France (joint venture negotiations)

Robert Haviland & C Parlon, (porcelain) France

RMR Electronic, France

Team Consultants, England

Werner Gerlinger, Cosmetics, Germany

Yperion, France


Other Activities:


Eagle Forgings, Delhi, as consulting Design engr.

Hein Lehman (India) Ltd, Delhi. as Export manager

John F Kennedy Medical Centre as Admission Counselor, USA.

Agence Bon Voyage, France as Co Rep/Escort

Lifelong Appliances, Delhi as Design Consultant

SEP Overseas P Ltd, as CEO


In teaching/Translation I have been associated


Air Hostess Academy

Alliance Francaise, Delhi

Afro-Asian Rural Reconstruction Organisation, Delhi

Milton Academy Secunderabad

French Academy, Delhi

Happy School, Delhi

Business & Tourist Services, Delhi

New Delhi YMCA Centre for Education

St Xavier's School, Delhi

Tisco(collieries) Dhanbad

YWCA, Delhi




Wife: Manjula. Dy Manager in State Bank of India.

Daughter: Aruna. Date of Birth 31st Aug 2005.


Languages:    English, French and Hindi with a smattering of Bengali and Tamil.


Educated in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram at Pondicherry. Medium of instruction – French and English


Educational background- School in Pondicherry, 2 yrs of BSc with Osmania University, Intermediate with Tribhuvan University and later Graduation from Meerut University in Eng, Sociology Economics


Non formally I have developed my knowledge of Applied Physics and Psychology


Age 56 yrs.

Vegetarian, Strict non-smoker  .


Highly travelled in India and Abroad.


I follow the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother of Pondicherry. I am an ardent believer in the lessons imparted by The Dalai Lama and Osho of Pune, Guru Nanak. The Sufi philosophy of living is what I try to emulate in my life.  


Writers that have had a profound influence on me are Bertrand Russell, Somerset Maugham, Guy de Maupassant, La Rochefoucauld among others.

Books that have helped in my forming are: Up the Organisation, Zen and the Martial Arts, Journey to Xtlan, Peter's Prescription, Cheiro's Book of Numbers, The Book of proverbs, The Reader's Digest and its many publications etc.

More detailed info:



Administrative Experience:

-         Director of French Academy- Correspondence Courses in French with cassettes and personal contacts all over India + Courses in Management Practices and Short Courses in 3 month's Crash programs in French in association with Y.W.C.A, Y.M.C.A etc

-         Executive Director of Sep Overseas P Ltd – International Trade and Joint ventures

-  Proprietor of GUNAS. Consultancy in International Marketing and import/Export + plus selling into the Indian market. Specially by mail.


- Travel rep/inbound escort for French Tour Operator, guide and author of travel articles.


Teaching of French/English as a foreign language. Special assignments on part-time basis at Alliance Française, St Xavier’s School, YWCA, YMCA, French Academy, TISCO, Air Hostess Academy(also persona developement), etc

(special training recd in enunciation, speech control, voice control, theatricals, teaching through audio-visual and direct methods etc)



Published author. Writing regularly on topics of general interest, management, health and features. Special link with LAWZ magazine.


My latest books:( The ABC of Artnership, Soul Speak)


The above books are available on


More details on:



My more recent write-ups can be seen at 


As a technical product developer,  I am known for developing such products as:

-         Humidity control for coolers, Auto fan regulator, thermostatically controlled Immersion water heaters, Flame proof ply, Temp compensating Browning Control for toasters  & Fully automating the old churner type washing machines with proper wash and rinsing cycles. etc.


In International trade I have developed and sold

-         Simple Instant Cookery package for foreigners Interested in Indian Cuisine.


-         Made to measure customized cotton shirts by mail for European customers.


-         Introductory Course in Indian Classical Music with Demo tapes.


I have been associated in many negotiations for joint-ventures.


-   I have dealt in many products: 

   Reproductions of period artifacts in wood/brass/stone, costume & Real jewellery, embroidered dresses, marble, custom made engineering products, ceramic tiles(import), Bed Warmers(import), Lasers for the beauty industry & Fire retardants, I have acted as Country manager for some firms etc.



Have many friends and associates in Europe, who in turn helped me in creating new business & in learning about their life and culture through long stays with them.



Serious Student of Numerology and Holistic medicine.



Interior designer qualified from New York School of Interior Design.


 I love doing Rock gardens. 


Shown here are: 1) Indoor fountain made for my parlour, 2) UPS cum Lamp for my computer



Consultant to Audio Visual Advertising, Drayaganj.



Worked with a French Travel Company, toured India extensively as an Escort to High Class French groups and used the period to study Indian culture and history in depth.


Remarks that have influenced my life greatly:

The graveyard is full of people who thought of themselves as indispensable.

Is it 20 yrs' experience or one yr's 20 times over ?.

Nobody is ever totally useless. You can always serve as a bad example.

Hobbies: Reading, Painting in Oil, Photography, Numerology, Classical Music.


Games that I have played with some proficiency:

Billiards, Badminton, Chess, Cricket, Football, Swimming.

Some of my recent canvasses


Two of  my better shots

I am good with my hands and good at carpentry, electrical repairs, electronics and machines, tailoring and other practical matters.







Dr Amrik Singh. Ex Vice Chancellor, and Ex Secretary of Association of Indian Universities.

Justice B Rathi, Judge High Court (retd), Allahabad.

Mr HL Gupta, Director, Audio Visual Advertising, Daryaganj, Delhi(since 1976)

Col(retired) Aditya Vajpai,(since1973) Now with Canon(India)


Mr Lars Thye, Architect and industrialist,(since1975) Denmark.


Mr Marc Delorme, Hospitality in the form of restaurants/Guest Rooms etc in Cochin for his French visitors, Designer of interiors & jewellery, France ; I have been his associate since 1978


Mr. A. Alexander Tadjbakhsch, Import/Export Consultant, Germany.(since 1989)

   Mr Philip Calard - Tour Operator, France (since 1978)

   Mr Pierre Romeo,     Manufacturer of Electronic medical equipment,   France (since 1980)

   Mr Leon Verbruggen, Notaire, Belgium ( since 1982)

And many others in Europe professionals in manufacturing, Law, Business etc.


Contact details will be provided on request.



My more recent write-ups can be seen at



 I am a self-starter & very good at independently handling special assignments out of the routine. I learn fast and have an innate capacity to learn about new products and processes in a short time.

Pl check this website of my associate in USA:

Martha Philbeck