Transformational Talent Development

 Leadership and Team Development are critical to the success of growing organizations. Historically, organizations have invested significantly in training and development processes with often disappointing results. Why? Primarily due to approaching these processes as a one-time event with no appreciation for the achievable long-term individual/team growth opportunities.
 PSHR Provides:

1. Transformational learning experiences where work and learning become synonymous.
2. Targeted, transformational training and development processes provided just-in-time.
3. Use of in-house subject matter experts to present, facilitate and provide on-going support throughout the process.
4. Emphasis on customized in-house training and development solutions to ensure the process continuously meets specific needs.
5. On-going analysis of the organization’s talent pool. Determine current and long-term potential of team members to ensure investing appropriately.
6. Mentoring programs to assist with the growth and development of team members.
7. Leadership coaching development which is critical to all training and development efforts.
8. Create career ladders for employees so that they understand what skills they must acquire and master to move into the next logical position offering them additional career growth and opportunity.
9. Assist the organization in identifying High Potential Talent. Once the talent is identified establish personalize development plans to ensure the employees are both challenged and growing within the organization.  By identifying the candidates, establishing development plans the organization has the best opportunity to retain the talent within their organization.  
10. Inspiring continuous improvement in people, systems and processes