Customized Organizational Development Systems and Strategic Strategy Solutions

We believe in a fully aligned and integrated approach to organization systems and processes. In today’s businesses, many organizational strategic solutions are not aligned and/or integrated into the organization’s strategic direction. This ensures organizations will not meet their short and long-term objectives. Over time this will dramatically affect the organizations ability to stay competitive and profitable. 

PSHR Provides:

1. Innovative, scientifically-based organizational development services designed to meet the changing needs of your transforming organization. 

2. Analysis of managerial systems and processes. Are managerial, functional and staff accountability and authorities defined and operating successfully? Evaluate operating systems, communications, compensation and benefits and other systems. Assess these systems and processes  that either benefit or detract from effective business results. Based on this assessment, develop and implement customized solutions and strategies that better position the organization for the future.

3. Analysis of the organizational hierarchy. Evaluate managerial layering and gaps between Leadership,functional management and staff. Evaluate the effectiveness of cross-functional working relationships and whether these relationships continue to meet organizational needs. Develop and implement actions that ensure organizational effectiveness.

4. Evaluate people acquisition, development and retention strategies that contribute to the strength of organization talent pool. Continuously measure employees using a defined competency model (Current Potential, Skill/Knowledge, Commitment and Required Behaviors). Facilitate systems and processes that support on-going personal development and sustain the development of the organization’s talent pool.