Talent Management Solutions

An organization’s lifeblood is the people who are doing the work. Without them there would be no business. Staff planning and systems designed to attract the best professionals are critical in today’s competitive employment market. If organizations are successful in acquiring talent and maintaining retention they ensure their ability to compete and sustain business growth. 

PSHR Provides:

1. Organizations with the tools needed to recruit, interview and select the best candidates. Our challenge today is creating an industry and/or community awareness of the benefits of working for your organization. Being the “Employer of Choice” to the best and most capable of candidates requires continuous improvement in all aspects of your business that affects employees. 

2. Guidance to the Hiring Manager on cost-effective processes needed to identify the best candidates. Networking, Employee Referrals, Local Advertising, Web-based Advertising, Social Media, Use of Employment Recruiters, On-Campus Interviewing, etc. are all viable methods of finding the best candidates. Which method(s) work the best?

3. Interview system and processes that ensure the legal assessment of the available talent pool. Develop the interviewing skills of the Hiring Manager and the Hiring Team. Learn behavioral interviewing skills to improve the success of hiring decisions. Identify and select the best professional assessment tools to support the hiring decision.

4. Hiring Manager the skills required to negotiate a “win-win” employment agreement. Learn to create a legal offer letter that ensures the expectations of the organization and the employee are met.

5. Outplacement support for those employees who even after their best efforts could not consistently meet the growing requirements of the organization. Learn why humanity and fairness to a terminated employee makes good business sense.