Compensation and Benefits System

Organizations are expected to provide compensation, benefit and reward systems that remain competitive. These systems must be well designed and easily understood to be effective. Success in these systems ensures attracting and retaining the best possible talent.

PSHR Provides:

1. The job analysis process ensures equity within job groups and the overall salary structure. Using an effective competency model an organization can establish the relative relationship among job groups. We support building the system and then communicating and training staff on the details to the organization.

2. Once the salary structure is established, we need to assess the relative value of the organization’s jobs in relation to the local and national market and the specific industry. Once an initial compensation survey is completed, annual surveys would ensure awareness of the organization’s competitive position. 

3. In most cases, government regulations govern the benefits package an organization provides its employees. The policy governing employee benefits must be written, provided to employees and appropriate training provided. In addition, support in navigating through the benefit design, vendor selection and organization/employee family communications is critical to maintaining a successful benefits program. 

4. Organizations offer a variety of recognition and reward systems. These systems are designed to provide employees opportunities to gain financially and/or personally from their contributions to the organization that exceed normal expectations. This motivation tool can be key in assisting the organization exceed their business objectives. We assist in the design, communication and implementation of custom systems that best fit the organization and its employees.