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Who We Are

PSHR is an Organization Effectiveness/HR consulting firm that works with small to medium-sized client organizations. Based in Ohio, we provide solutions to today’s rapidly changing work environment for those clients that understand the importance of their human capital assets and wish to maximize their efficiency and effectiveness for the organization’s benefit. Our total service offerings are based on years of executive level experience with organizational development and practical human resources issues. We believe that through effective strategic planning, the alignment of organizational initiatives and resources and appropriate outsourcing of professional services, every organization can compete successfully in today and tomorrow’s business world. 



Full Service Consulting Model 


PSHR develops a close, trusting relationship with the client’s leadership team by initially assessing the operating processes, policies and procedures, employment practices/legal compliance and the work culture. The assessment results in the identification of performance gaps; specifically, where the organization is today compared to where it needs to be in-order to compete successfully in the future. Once identified, PSHR works closely with the leadership team to plan the implementation of strategy, tactics and operational solutions. We assist in the development of organizational metrics necessary to monitor progress and the attainment of required results. If organizational issues fall outside the capabilities of PSHR, we recommend consulting services through our strategic business alliance network. We feel this Full Service Consulting Model separates PHSR from our competition and more importantly, better services our clients.



PSHR Leadership


John Markham


john markham

John Markham is a Columbus, Ohio native and graduated The Ohio State University with a bachelor’s degree in Business. His major was human resources and organizational development that has been the focus of his career. John started his career after graduation in Training and Development. In this role, he designed, wrote the training materials and implemented training, which supported the staff development. John left that position to pursue human resource management positions that supported growing medium-sized companies in central Ohio. In these roles, he partnered with the organizational leaders to plan, design and implement cost effective human resource and organizational development and infrastructure best practices designed to support the organization’s long-term vision. John is a results-oriented human resource/organizational development professional. He brings a practical, hands-on approach to issues that plague companies today. He is especially adept at building an organization through establishing a recruiting network targeted to fill positions in a timely, cost effective manner. He has excellent communications skills and a proven understanding of human behavior. John has a track record for leading organizational leadership and its team members from organizational chaos to organizational alignment through planning and implementation of appropriate strategies. In summary, the breath of John’s expertise lies in all aspects of human resources and organizational development. Specifically, the planning and implementation of strategy, tactics and operations, supported by on-going measurement of progress, designed to move the organization to the next level of performance.

Robin Lynch


A Central Ohio-native, Robin Lynch brings a career of Human Resources, Safety and Workers’ Compensation experience to PSHR. She is a graduate of Columbus State Community College and Ohio Dominican University. Most recently served as an Executive Team Member responsible for providing the company direction in all aspects of Human Resources, Safety, Workers' Compensation, Training and Development. This opportunity allowed her to continue to enhance her skills in labor/employee relations, policy development, labor law, benefits and compensation, leadership development, safety teams and Self-Insured Workers' Compensation program. Robin has worked with employers to move their workers’ compensation programs from costly state fund plans to self-insured plans saving hundreds of thousands of dollars. Success came from detailed safety program reviews, design and implementation of safety teams, accident cost analysis, safety investigation process improvements and creating an employee advocate program for injured workers. Robin’s focus on continuous learning and skill building led to customized onboarding and development programs for employees at all levels. She is a servant leader who believes that all employees want to do their best and by giving them opportunity and knowledge they are empowered to not only grow personally but contribute to the overall growth of the organization. Engaged employees enhance the organizations ability to exceed customer’s expectations. Robin’s behavior style interviewing ensures Organizations select the right scalable talent to take them to the next level. Her areas of expertise include HR leadership, safety, training, development, workers' compensation. Her involvement with organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Boy Scouts of American, Operation Feed, and Canal Winchester Alumni Scholarship Association demonstrate her passion for youth, education and supporting the community. She has and currently serves on numerous non-profit boards and organizations.