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That is the life? Moon glare in a water drop, On a blade of grass, Shaken from the spout of the aquatic bird

Zen: Koan

Dear friends this blog he is for all the people who want to examine in detail the daily practice.

The Blog does not have any teaching pretension, personal experiences and all one which has struck me and keeps on doing it in the Zen are only mine!

A practice I follow and live daily ...

The site is organized for subjects, starting from the left list you will be able to see:


Koan "do not have an intellectual meaning", are the transmission between teacher and follower, to understand it is not sufficente to read them, try to apply them to the daily life reading a koan for time letting come a little time before passing to the next one ... concentrating you on their meaning every are in a quiet place and can sit to meditate sometimes or semplicemtente letting out the daily thoughts.


The instructions that I have received in the practical one of the Zen


Thinner and precious Art is to know to listen...

In The World:

Cues that they have hit to me in the course of the life

My ideas:

Some ideas and plans to share

Tao: Instructions

 Is a precious booklet where important instructions are enclosed to follow in the daily life


Zen: Practical