Prabhat Barnwal

Ph.D. - Columbia University (2010-15)

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Michigan State University, since 2015.

Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Economics and EPIC, University of Chicago, 2016-17.

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Research Interests: Development, Environment and Energy, Health Economics

Working papers (under review / revision submitted)

Curbing Leakage in Public Programs: Evidence from India's Direct Benefit Transfer Policy Revised version: September 2021 (2nd round - Revise and resubmit at the American Economic Review).

Targeting through Social Norms: Experimental Evidence from India’s #GiveItUp Campaign (with Nicholas Ryan) (Accepted, based on pre-results review, at the Journal of Development Economics, March 2020. Eventual publication venue TBD.)


Democracy and Firm Productivity: Evidence from Indonesia. Forthcoming at the Review of Economics and Statistics. (with Ama Baafra Abeberese, Ritam Chaurey and Priya Mukherjee)

Assessment of Excess Mortality and Household Income in Rural Bangladesh During the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020. JAMA Network Open, 2021. (with Yuling Yao, Yiqian Wang, Nishat Akter Juy, Shabib Raihan, Mohammad Ashraful Haque, and Alexander van Geen)

Health Impacts of the Green Revolution: Evidence from 600,000 Births across the Developing World. Journal of Health Economics, 2020. (with Aaditya Dar, Ram Fishman, Gordon McCord, Nathan Mueller and Jan von der Goltz)

Mines: The Local Wealth and Health Effects of Mineral Mining in Developing Countries. Journal of Development Economics, 2019. (with Jan von der Goltz)

Effectiveness of different approaches to arsenic mitigation over 18 years in Araihazar, Bangladesh: Implications for National Policy. Environmental Science & Technology, 2019. (with Nadia B. Jamil, Huan Feng, Kazi Matin Ahmed, Imtiaz Choudhury, and Alexander van Geen)

  • Global Drinking Water Best Paper Award 2020, TU Delft.

Demand for Environmental Quality Information and Household Response: Evidence from Well-water Arsenic Testing. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 2017. (with Alexander van Geen, Jan von der Goltz, and Chander Kumar Singh)

Climatic Impacts across Agricultural Crop Yield Distributions: An Application of Quantile Regression on Rice Crops in Andhra Pradesh, India. Ecological Economics, 2013. (with Koji Kotani)

Selected work in progress

Does Serving the Poor Cause Corruption? (with Nicholas Ryan)

Improving design of cash transfer programs ( with Farzana Afridi and Shreya Sarkar)

Internal Trade Barriers: Evidence from Indian Trucking (with Jonathan Dingel, Pravin Krishna and Eva van Leemput)

Informal Risk Sharing to Mitigate Local Environmental Risks (with Alexander van Geen and Yiqian Wang)

Relighting Detroit: Impacts on Crime and Traffic Accidents (with Soren Anderson , Elise Breshears , Dylan Brewer , Alex Tybl , and Anna Wood)

Bureaucracy and Digital Governance (with Aaditya Dar and Aprajit Mahajan)