Peer-reviewed Publications

[1] “Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine Initiation in Asian Indians and Asian Sub-populations: A Case for Examining Disaggregated Data in Public Health Research". (joint with Henna Budhwani, Univ. of Alabama, Birmingham) In Press at Public Health.

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[3] "Effects of Foreign Equity Participation on Recipient Firm Exports – Evidence from a Selection Model"  (joint with  Priya Nagaraj of William Patterson University). Applied Economics: 2017,  49 (31), 3100-3113.

Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine initiation in minority Americans  (joint with Henna Budhwani, Univ. of Alabama, Birmingham). Public Health: Volume 144March 2017, Pages 86-91

[5] Causal Effects of Maternal Schooling on Child Immunization in India.  Advances in Health Economics and Health Services Research. 2017: Volume 5.

[6] Disparities in influenza vaccination across the United States: Variability by minority group, Asian sub-populations, socio-economic status, and health insurance coverage. (joint with Henna Budhwani, Univ. of Alabama, Birmingham). Public Health: 2016, 138 (September), 146–153

[7] Productivity and firm size in India (joint with Priya Nagaraj of William Patterson University), Small Business Economics: 2014, Volume 42(4), 891-907.

[8] Cultural Transmission and Contraceptive Use – Evidence from US-Mexico MigrationMigration and Development:2013, 2 (2), 286-311.

[9] Cherry-Picking or Lemon-Grabbing? Investigating FDI in Indian Manufacturing Firms (Joint with Priya Nagaraj, William Patterson University)  Foreign Trade Review:2013, 48 (2), 219-231.

[10] Impact of Remittances on Household Income, Asset and Human Capital: Evidence from Sri Lanka (joint with Dilip Ratha of World Bank) Migration and Development:2012,  1 (1), 163-179.

[11] Sovereign Rating for the Unrated Developing Countries (joint with Dilip Ratha and Sanket Mohapatra of World Bank). World Development: 2011, vol 39(3) pp 295-307. (lead article)

Papers under review

  • "Environmental Sustainability As A Strategic Tool To Gain Competitive Advantage:  Evidence From Latin America" (joint with Punit Arora, CCNY)
  • "Associations of Intimate Partner Violence with Mental Health Disorder Among Women in Urban Bangladesh." (Joint with Nadine Murshid, Univ. of Buffalo)
  • "Cost Analysis of Implementing a Video-Based eHealth Intervention for HIV-Positive Gay, Bisexual, and Other Men Who Have Sex with Men." (joint with Sabina           Hirshfield and Martin Downing, Public Health Solutions)

Working Papers

  • De, Prabal K., " Mental Health Effects of Internal Migration - Evidence from Bangladesh" (Joint with Daniel Dench of The Graduate Center, CUNY) (June 2016)
  • De, Prabal K., "An Empirical Test of the Effects of Microfinance on Intimate Partner Violence" (Joint with Alvin Christian, MDRC). (October, 2016)
Work in Progress
  • Ethnicity and Return to Work in Breast Cancer Survivors (joint with Victoria Blinder, MSKCC)  (funded by a grant  from the National Caner Institute through U54).
  • A Randomized Controlled Trial of the Impact of ICCAN on Cancer Treatment Completion and Quality of Life (Co-PI Francesca Gany, MSKCC), (funded by a grant from National Cancer Institute through U54).