Development Economics


    [1] Sovereign Rating for the Unrated Developing Countries
(joint with Dilip Ratha and Sanket Mohapatra of World Bank). World Development: 2011, vol 39(3) pp 295-307. (lead article)

    [2] Impact of Remittances on Household Income, Asset and Human Capital: Evidence from Sri Lanka (joint with Dilip Ratha of World Bank) Migration and Development:2012,  1 (1), 163-179

    [3] Cherry-Picking or Lemon-Grabbing? Investigating FDI in Indian Manufacturing Firms (Joint with Priya Nagaraj of William Patterson University)  Foreign Trade Review:2013, 48 (2), 219-231

    [4] Cultural Transmission and Contraceptive Use – Evidence from US-Mexico Migration.
Migration and Development:2013, 2 (2), 286-311

    [5] Productivity and firm size
in India
(joint with Priya Nagaraj of William Patterson University) [Forthcoming in Small Business Economics; DOI: 10.1007/s11187-013-9504-x]

    Under Review

    Mother's Autonomy and Child Welfare - A New Measure and Some New Evidence (joint with Tanika Chakraborty of Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur) (IZA Discussion Paper)

    Effects of Foreign Equity Participation on Recipient Firm Exports – Evidence from a Selection Model  (joint with Priya Nagaraj of William Patterson University) (SSRN)

Health Economics

  Working Papers/ Under Review
De, Prabal K., Causal Effects of Schooling on Health Beliefs (April 8, 2015). Available at SSRN:   

Influenza Vaccination in Asian Indians and Minority Americans: The Impact of Health Insurance Coverage and Race (joint with Henna Budhwani and Anna Johnson of Univ. of Alabama).
Ongoing Projects
    Ethnicity and Return to Work in Breast Cancer Survivors (joint with Victoria Blinder, MSKCC)  (funded by a grant from National Caner Institute through U54). (Data collection)

    A Randomized Controlled Trial of the Impact of ICCAN on Cancer Treatment Completion and Quality of Life
(joint with Francesca Gany, MSKCC),
(funded by a grant from National Caner Institute through U54). (
Data collection)


    Working Papers 

    Perceived vs. Actual returns from college and educational outcomes - Evidence from a classroom survey (joint with Robert Melara, CCNY) (partially funded by a grant from the Rangel Center)

    Explaining College Retention and Dropout – Evidence from Administrative Data  (joint with Robert Melara, CCNY)