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(joint with Dilip Ratha and Sanket Mohapatra of World Bank). World Development: 2011, vol 39(3) pp 295-307. (lead article)

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    [5] Productivity and firm size
in India
(joint with Priya Nagaraj of William Patterson University) [Forthcoming in Small Business Economics; DOI: 10.1007/s11187-013-9504-x]

    Under Review

    Mother's Autonomy and Child Welfare - A New Measure and Some New Evidence (joint with Tanika Chakraborty of Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur) (IZA Discussion Paper


    Working Papers 

    Perceived vs. Actual returns from college and educational outcomes - Evidence from a classroom survey (joint with Robert Melara, CCNY) (partially funded by a grant from the Rangel Center)

    Explaining College Retention and Dropout – Evidence from Administrative Data  (joint with Robert Melara, CCNY)


    Ongoing Projects

    Ethnicity and Return to Work in Breast Cancer Survivors
(joint with Victoria Blinder, MSKCC)  (funded by a grant from National Caner Institute through U54). 
Data collection stage.

    A Randomized Controlled Trial of the Impact of ICCAN on Cancer Treatment Completion and Quality of Life
(joint with Francesca Gany, MSKCC),
(funded by a grant from National Caner Institute through U54). Data collection stage.