Houdini Tutorials

This small site contains project files for my tutorials on vimeo - in the Project Files directory available on the left.

It also contains the vimeo tutorials in categorised by subject - see the links on the left. Of course it's not always straightforward to categorise videos which cover several subjects, so the boundaries are not rigid.

For all of these tutorials some basic knowledge of Houdini is assumed - at a minimum having mastered all the introductory videos that come as part of the 'Start Here' help. 

Its worth checking the Vimeo description of each of the videos (which is accessible once you've linked through to the video on Vimeo) for dependencies between the videos - obviously the videos that come in a numbered series are best watched in order - but also some series are best watched after other, more basic, videos. The Vimeo description will point this out. The comments posted on the videos also often clarify some issues, and point out where errors have crept into the tutorial.

If you have found my tutorials useful do think about donating a few dollars / pounds / euros to help cover my costs. Thank you.