CCSS Geometry

Textbook*: College Preparatory Mathematics: Geometry Connections

Geometry is the second math course available for high school credit in Portland Public Schools.  

Students in this course will need a scientific calculator (NOT a graphing calculator) for use in completing homework problems.

The following is a summary of the topics covered in CCSS Geometry.  Refer to the appropriate Geometry calendar for more detailed information. 

 Chapter  Topics covered
 Approximate timeline
and Supplement
(G1) Transformations: reflections, rotations, translations, dilations; introduction to characteristics of shapes
(G2) Angle properties: vertical, complementary, supplementary, alternate/corresponding, interior/exterior
(G3) Similarity and proportion: length ratios of similar figures; conditions for triangle similarity; introduction to flowchart proof
(G4) Introduction to right triangle trigonometry: slope and tangent ratio
(G4) Right triangle trigonometry: sine, cosine, and inverses; Pythagorean triples
 6 (G5) Conditions for triangle congruence; flowchart proofs
 7(G6) Properties of quadrilaterals; more proof; coordinate geometry January
(G7) Area ratios of similar figures; circles: area and circumference; circle properties: radius/diameter, arc, tangent, chord; equation of a circle

 (G8) Modeling density with geometry; constructions
11, 12
(G9) Volume and surface area of prisms and cylinders; volume ratios of similar figures; conics
(G10) Conditional probability supplement


*Some schools use Key Curriculum Press: Discovering Geometry instead of CPM: Geometry Connections.  The topics covered should be the same, but the timeline may be different.