Pet Sitting/Vacation Sitting...

What does Lorrie do on a typical 40 minute Pet Sitting or Vacation Visit??


Potty break


Feeding (if applicable)
Refresh water
Medication administration (if applicable)


Playtime/exercise (ability/age appropriate)


Leashed walk (if applicable)


Check home/kennel area for safety & security


Lots of attention
Daily reports/photos via e-mail


Mid-Day Walking... (25 minutes, and I DO NOT walk multiple accounts at once. Your dogs have me to themselves for the full 25 minutes.)


Potty break


Leashed walk


Check pets area for safety & security

Refresh water                                    


Plenty of attention

Private Puppy Walk...
          Potty break
             Leashed Walk
House Sitting... (included with your pet sitting service)
            Check your home for safety & security
          Water plants
          Bring in mail/newspaper daily
          Water landscaping/deadhead flowers
          Turn on/off/alternate lights, tv, music for that lived in look
*Inquire about my introductory 2 for 1 pricing offer!*
 I firmly believe in establishing a solid
relationship with my clients. What I find works
best to see if what I offer is what you and your
pets need, and if we are compatible.

In order to do just that, a complementary 'meet and greet'
appointment in your home is necessary to
get started. Call today for more information,
rates and to schedule your appointment.