Current Activities

    1. Gather photos and information on nice Places of Attractions for sightseeing, Best Places to Eat (Halal and Non-Halal), Places to Stay and Places to Shop.
    2. Maintain public Facebook page for
    3. Develop YouTube video for tourists or interested parties to introduce our Central Kedah.
    4. Post event calenders for events that are organised by state government or NGOs throughout the year in Central Kedah.
    5. Gather local community, public or industry feedback on how to develop tourism industry in the area.
    6. Organise outdoor photography events.
    7. Develop Discover Central Kedah Map for tourists and visitors.
    8. Provide advice and assist in route planning to travel agencies, education centers or other institutions such as 1 day or 2 days one night stay in SP / Central Kedah for sightseeing.
    9. Create online map for Central Kedah attractions, food, accommodations, etc. 

                      Volunteers and contributors needed: We welcome and appreciate if you wish to help us in any of the activities above. Please kindly contact us at if you wish to contribute:
                      1. Nice photos / videos
                      2. Writeup/ copywriting / translation in English, Malay and Chinese languages.
                      3. Nice Videos
                      4. Maps of places to visit, eat, shop and stay. Info such as places name, address, contact, hours of operations, GPS location, etc. 
                      5. Website / Smartphone Apps / facebook graphic design / development