Ontology for Plant Protection

 An effort to reach a generic ontology for covering aspects of knowledge and activities related to cereal plant protection

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What are we working on?

In the Computer and Biometrics Unit at the International Center of Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA),  we are working on an Expert System for the Automatic Diagnosis of Barley Disorders. We are currently developing an ontology to model knowledge aspects related to cereal plant protection. 

What is an Expert System? 

Expert Systems are computer-aided decision systems that try to capture the knowledge of human experts and use it to give answers and advice about problems in the corresponding field of expertise. That said, in our project we aim to capture agricultural expert knowledge which is related to the diagnosis and treatment of Barley Disorders, and to build an Expert System that is able to give advice about the Diagnosis and Treatment of Barley Disorders using the captured knowledge. 

What is an ontology? 

In computer science, an ontology is a formal conceptual model for the knowledge content in some defined discipline.

Developing a clear and expressive ontology is crucial in any information and knowledge oriented system, for it allows for better conception of content structure and activities made upon this content. Ontologies also serve as references for knowledge engineers, content managers, and users to easily collaborate in building and updating knowledge content. 

What is the relation between ontologies and expert systems?

Since an expert system incorporates dynamic and complex knowledge content of some particular domain, it is essential to design an ontology to reflect the structure of this knowledge as well as activities made upon.