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Typical Timeline

 Typical foreclosure Timeline: 
  • An eviction is usually scheduled by our clients (you) lawyer.
  • We are cc'd by email stating the arranged time & date of the eviction along with the attending law enforcement agents name and number so that we may verify attendance.
  • Our crew & the officer meet at the property, assess the extent and scope of work and carry it out.
  • After 24 hours (legal allotted time for tenants to claim belongings) The Crew returns and disposes of all tenant trash and belongings.
  • During the same visit we totally re-key and secure all windows and doors leaving a combination lockbox on the Front door.
  • Before & After Digital pictures are taken to forward to the client.
  • An assessment (with digital picture documentation) is performed and proposals submitted to repair or remedy any outstanding situations.
  • A proposal for a very thorough Sales Cleaning will always be provided in anticipation of the house going back on the market.
  • In the summer the lawn, shrubs, flowerbeds etc are taken care of... In the winter plowing and shoveling.
  • Pool securing or total removal.
  • Winterizations.
  • In the worst cases (usually distressed areas, but not always) windows are broken out and the need for complete boarding-up of windows becomes necessary.

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