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Miss. DeHainaut's Psychology Class Pathfinder
The following links will help you locate information for your Psychology project. 

The Destiny Discover link will lead you to the psychology related books we have at the PPJSHS library, e-books, as well as a variety of our subscription databases. 

The Consumer Health Complete Database will allow you to search health encyclopedias and health news magazines all at once.  Use the following to access this database.  Username: west Password: Virginia 

You may use  Explora to search for magazines and articles related to your psychology topic.  Click the "Health" option near the bottom of the screen.  You may drill down on topics or use a keyword search.  Use the following to access this databaseUsername: west Password: Virginia 

             Music in Commercials 

The following links will take you to articles from the American Marketing Association.

American Marketing Association: Experiential Music Campaign

American Marketing Association: The Language of Audio Branding


The following article may be located on the Consumer Health Complete database.  See above link

Prerost, F. J. (2015). Paranoia. Salem Health: Psychology & Behavioral Health, 1318-1321.

                 PTSD in Veterans

The following articles may be located on the Consumer Health Complete database.  See above link

Lang, K. P., Veazey-Morris, K., Berlin, K. S., & Andrasik, F. (2016). Factors Affecting Health Care Utilization in OEF/OIF Veterans: The Impact of PTSD and Pain. Military Medicine, 181(1), 50-55. doi:10.7205/MILMED-D-14-00444

Caddick, N., Smith, B., & Phoenix, C. (2015). Male combat veterans' narratives of PTSD, masculinity, and health. Sociology Of Health & Illness, 37(1), 97-111. doi:10.1111/1467-9566.12183

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Need a place to read or study? Working on a group project and need some space?  We have books, online resources, markers, tables, computers, etc...  .  Everything you need to  complete your project or homework.   Stop by our PPJSHS Library Media Center and see how we can help!  

                 Check out this book!
Throne of Glass
by Sarah Maas    
Review by Jena McCarthy, Library Student

Caleana Sardothien is an assassin under the control of Arobin Hamel. She was captured and taken to one of the work camps in Adarlan, Endovier. She is known as the most notorious assassin in Adarlen. 

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  She and Dorian become very close to the point that he actually starts falling in love with her. Little does she know that she also has another secret admirer who keeps pushing his feelings farther and farther down knowing he is also for bidden to love her. In the midst of this love triangle, Caleana finds a secret door in her room leading to the old Adarlen king and queen's tomb. Lets go back, before this king came into power there was magic all over the world. There were faeries and many magical beings known as fae. The Adarlan queen, Elena was a fae woman.  

  Once the her and king Gavin died, the Havilliards came to power. King Havilliard banned all magic, so now traditional magic will not work in the land of Adarlan and all of the lands on which he has conquered. There is one kind of magic that still works, Wyrd magic. Wyrd magic is an ancient symbol magic that is very hard to learn and is only known by fae entrusted people. 

 Caleana meets one of those people but doesn’t know it. She meets Ellywe princess, Nehemia. Her and Nehemia becomes best friends who practically does everything together. 


 At the beginning of the champions contest she is warned about another contestant, Cain. He is a big brute and is very disrespectful. During the duration of the contest, contestants start showing up gruesomely disemboweled. Who is behind it? Why are they doing it? Read the book to find out.