Personal Fitness Syllabus 2009-2010

Telephone: 954-538-3700

                                          Mr. Iglesias



The Personal Fitness course will help the students to:

*Acquire knowledge of physical fitness concepts and begin to develop an optimal level of fitness

* Understand the significance of lifestyle on health and fitness

*Evaluate personal fitness levels and design a personal fitness program


Required Text: Personal Fitness for You

Topic Coverage: Overview of Personal Fitness, Health Related Fitness, Skill Related Fitness, Training and Principles of Fitness, Nutrition/Diet/Weight management, Stress Management, Cardiovascular Fitness, Flexibility, Muscular Fitness, Weight training, Goal setting and Designing Own Fitness Program, Wise Consumer, and Lifetime Fitness. Presidential Fitness Testing.


            Fitness schedule (meet in gym PE uniform required):

          Mr. Iglesias – Wednesday, Thursday and Friday each week


A typical day will contain the following:

Lesson, Reading, Chapter Quiz and analysis

*A written test will be given at the completion of each unit


Grading Scale:

Assignments/ Homework/Quizzes:      10 – 25 points

Unit Tests    100 points

Participation /Dress out:   10 points

Class required materials:

·        Spiral notebook and folder (for handouts and returned papers)

·        Approved Physical Education uniform -

Sleeved, white, crew necked t-shirt  - plain or with school logo

Shorts: Any solid color (NO: cheer shorts, spandex, folded waistbands or waistband below hips(outer most short), sophie, board shorts, swim clothing and plaid)

Athletic Shoes – Laces are to be tied securely with bow/knot on the top above the tongue of the shoe. (NO: slip on)  Clean Socks

·        Combination lock (no keys)

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