Final Report - Processos Pedagógicos em Elearning

My name is Maria João Leal and I'm an e-student of the Master's degree of Elearning Pedagogy from Universidade Aberta

This site was created to compile and, hopefully, improve the work I developed for PPEL (E-Learning Pedagogical Processes).

Professor Morten Paulsen was the teacher and the course was organized in four Units.

  1. The Theory of Cooperative Freedom
  2. Online Teaching Techniques
  3. Transparency in Online Education
  4. Final report, reflection and refinement

In the first three units, Professor Paulsen asked us to:

  • Find, study and share materials related to the theme and organizing it together with ideas and thoughts in an annotated bibliography
  • Produce a learning object related to the theme

In the fourth Unit, we were asked to improve and finalize all your annotated bibliographies and learning objects.

All our work was compiled here: