Recent exoplanet discoveries reveal a great diversity of planetary systems, challenging our picture of planet formation processes originally derived from the Solar System.  At the same time, new high-fidelity observations of protostellar disks show us fascinating images of planets' birthplaces, suggesting avenues to break through the longstanding difficulties in understanding how solid bodies are assembled.

The workshop's scope is the links between the new observations and recent progress in studies of the coupled dynamics of the disk gas, the embedded solid particles, and the newborn planets.  The focus will be on exploring the mechanisms that concentrate the solid material during planets' growth, and identifying their signatures in the observations.

Workshop Organizers: 
SOC: Shigenobu Hirose (JAMSTEC), Shu-ichiro Inutsuka (Nagoya University), Neal J. Turner (JPL/Caltech)
LOC: Takashi Minoshima, Shigenobu Hirose (JAMSTEC)