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Lily Sorenson is currently an ESL instructor at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri. She has taught English as a second language at a number of different universities throughout the United States as well as in a variety of other programs. She loves to travel and has taught English to young children in China. She is interested in program development and the use of technology in the classroom. In her free time, she enjoys reading, eating great food and spending time with her family.

Kristi Reyes

Kristi Reyes is an instructor in the noncredit ESL program at  MiraCosta College in Oceanside, California.  She was a Peace Corps volunteer in Tonga, has taught ESL to adults in a variety of programs in San Diego County since 1998, and is a technology integration mentor and trainer.  When she isn't working or taking care of her family, she enjoys taking long walks, visiting new places, reading books, watching movies, and learning new skills.

Kay Almy is an ESL/FL Supervisor with PSI Solutions in Twinsburg, Ohio. She loves languages, diversity and providing the gift of literacy to others. She oversees ESL programs in several Ohio K-12 schools and regularly presents on ESL topics at OAPCS and Ohio TESOL conferences. With cyber-learning on the rise, she wants to provide the best in online support to ESL students in virtual schools. Music, travel, reading, writing and swimming are her favorite pastimes. Her husband, teen son, two dogs (Great Pyrenees and Redtick Coonhound mix) and furry black cat make her family complete.
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Oschean Ulmer is an ESL instructor at NorQuest College, Edmonton. She enjoys traveling and has spent a summer teaching English teachers in China. She has finished teaching her first online course and is now preparing to start the next one. When she isn’t working or taking courses, she enjoys gardening, crocheting, walking in parks and learning new things.