Daytona HIV Poz People Support Group

In a support group people with the same problem find ways to cope with and defeat
the problem. For example, people with cancer form support groups to help each
other cope. People who have survived traumatic experiences like rape or other forms
of abuse come together to discuss their problems and find coping strategies. With
HIV, support groups work in the same manner and also focus on  
improving life coping skills. We also have to ensure our rights are respected.
Many people with HIV experience discrimination  from strangers, our families, friends,
lovers, healthcare workers and government.  Discrimination is a result of ignorance.
      Members of a support group should support each other. 
    Many people do not know how HIV is transmitted.  
They do not know that many illnesses associated with HIV can be treated, or that HIV can be turned into a manageable chronic illness through antiretroviral treatment.
Lack of knowledge leads to fear about HIV.  As people living with HIV, we have to be
experts in HIV treatments. We have to know the constitution and our rights.  The more
information we have, the better we can counter discrimination. We have a very loving and very diverse group of people that attend our support group.