Poynting Physical Society, known as PPS to its members, is the oldest physics student society at the University of Birmingham, with members including both undergraduate and postgraduate students. PPS has a history that dates back to the first ever Head of School, Professor Poynting and its traditions reflect this. The main goal of PPS is to encourage and promote social interactions between the many social and year groups here at the University of Birmingham.

PPS offers a wide variety of events and activities to its members throughout the year, which include an annual Ball in the Spring semester as well as the Freshers Week Bar Crawl but also Bowling, Fancy Dress competitions, Poker Nights, Quizzes, Laser Quest and Go Karting too! There is definitely something for everyone as a member of PPS. We also invite all the academic members of staff to activities so that students can get to know their lecturers in a more relaxed environment.

Inevitably, it is difficult for first year students to settle in right away so PPS offers all freshers an environment to get to know your fellow students. If you wish to get involved with PPS either as a member or as part of the committee, please feel free to contact the current committee by email or speak to them directly.

Welcome to the best years of your life!

In September, PPS will be conducting its annual new member sign up for the freshers, many of which choose to join. The cost of annual membership for a current student is only £5. This annual membership will last to the end of the current academic year, regardless of when you join. 

However, lifetime membership is also available, which costs £10, for which you NEVER have to re-join again and obviously, pay less overall for PPS membership for all of your degree, so why not become a lifetime member?

Membership of PPS means that you are first and foremost allowed to vote at the AGM and attend committee meetings because this is your democratic student society. Also, members get discount to events and activities, which includes a significant discount to the Annual Spring Ball.

Contact Us:

If you are currently a student at the University of Birmingham and a member of PPS, then please feel free to email or speak to any of the committee members in person while on campus. We always welcome feedback from everyone, whether you are a member of PPS or not!