We Are: P.O.W.-W.O.W., Inc

·         The Mission

To provide and create performance, writing, and economic opportunities for writers - male and female to address the social justice issues concerning women, particularly those issues that affect Women of Color and those within the multilinguistic regions of the African Diaspora.  

Through Media Watch campaigns and advisories the organization provides forums, newsletters, and performances on various topics in response to current events as they pertain to or as seen through the eyes of a diverse culture of women and men.  We seek to create opportunities for displaced and marginalized women and young women’s voices to have a platform to speak and be heard.


(B) POW-WOW seeks to address the following issues:

·         Provide a weekly performance space for women artists to present, create, develop and implement artistic performances and writing

·         Provide mentorship to young women and teen girls who seek to become full time artists

·         Create allies with men who support women’s social justice issues and women artists

·         Develop training programs for women and teen girls to help create economically sustainable careers in the arts

·         Support women and teen girls re-entering society from traumatic, domestic or penile systems with art based educational programs that empower them to pursue careers in the arts

·         Provide arts based literacy programs in schools that address the social, gender  and economic issues of women and girls


(C) Populations Served Include but are not limited to the following:

·         Women of color (primarily, African American, Hispanic/Latina, Caribbean, and Native American) ages 25 – 70

·         Young Women ages 16 – 24 years of age

·         Women and young women from low income backgrounds

·         Women and young women from underserved communities

·         Women and young women where access to free community programming in the arts is underrepresented

·                             Women and young women with disabilities – (particularly those hearing impaired)

·                             Women and young women who are homeless

·                             Women and young women who have experienced trauma such as domestic violence, sexual assault and other

·                             Women and young women whom are LGBTQ