Dutch POW roster Aug 1945

   Roster of the 91 Dutch POWs held at Fukuoka #4 in Aug 1945.  The roster is split into two groups.  The first group includes 71 men who had been in the camp for at least 6 months prior to the end of the war.  The second group of 20 men arrived at camp #4 on 4 Aug 1945.  

    The roster was created using documents copied from the US National Archives by Roger Mansell, Record Group 407, Box 102.  It was confirmed in part using testimony by former POW Hendrik Willem Sibbald (POW #5327) as relayed to me by his son Willem Sibbald, and by documents contained in US National Archives Record Group 331, Box 921, copies courtesy Roger Mansell.  I thank Kinue Tokudome, Executive Director US-Japan Dialogue on POWs, Inc. for translation of Japanese language documents.

Part 1.  Roster of 71 Dutch POWs held at Fukuoka #4 who arrived in Dec 1943 aboard Hawaii Maru or on 30 Jan 1945 from camp Fukuoka #1

Name (last, first, middle etc);camp #;arrived;notes

Affelen van Saemsfoort Daniel Alexander van;5283;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Birsak Jacob Marinus;5277;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Boomsma Joannes;5316;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Brauns Ferdinand Franciscus Frederik;5280;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Charles Hendrik;5274;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Da Cunha Maurice Samuel;5273;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Doppert Alphonso;5256;;camp Dr

Duizend Jacque Jozef;5317;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Durand Charles Frederik Emile;5270;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Duren Eugene Jozef;5272;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Eekhout Frederik;5311;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Eikenboom Hendrik Johan;5284;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Ellert Hendrik Valentijn;5267;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Elmensdorp Leonard "Lou Lou";5299;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Faesenkloet Louis James;5263;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Geerdes Hermannus Hendrikus;5264;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Geus Adriaan de;5321;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Ginkel Ferdinand van;5325;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Groesz Karel Eduard;5329;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;2 men same name

Groesz Karel Eduard;5332;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;2 men same name

Harm Albertus Casper Andre;5314;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Hoogen Johannes van den;5324;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Hop Bertus;5295;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Jaarsveld Johannes Marinus van;5309;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Jansen Hendrikus;5425;29-Jan-45;

Janssen Carolus Johannes Marie;5275;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Kiemeney Herman;5304;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Klein Eduard Leonard;5294;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Kock John Albert de;5296;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Kudding Anton;5288;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Lange Leonardus de;5420;29-Jan-45;

Lannoy Karel Christiaan de;5285;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Lezer Andries;5268;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Lint Alfred Theodoru;5428;29-Jan-45;

Loriaux Jules Cornelis;5289;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Masius Ferdinand George;5308;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Meijer Herman;5423;29-Jan-45;

Mesman Schultz Bob;5319;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;sports teacher

Metzlar Henk;5313;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Oogjen Harry William;5419;29-Jan-45;

Oosterhuis Jacob;5421;29-Jan-45;

Peulen Lodewijk;5276;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Reyndorp Frederik Gustaaf;5287;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Richter Alfred Cornelis;5286;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Sadeleer Frits de;5297;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Schifferling Emile Maurits;5328;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Schifferling Gustaaf Frederick;5312;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Schifferling Henrik Rulop;5330;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Schlette Paul Emile;5290;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Schlund Bodien Melville Seth;5305;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Schonherr Paul Frans;5269;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Schram Eduard Johannes;5307;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Schultz Louis Willem;5291;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Sibbald Hendrik William;5327;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Sibbald Leonard Marinus William;5326;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Siegers Jacob Theodoor;5302;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Smith Rudy Alphonse;5266;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Stam Johan Hendrik Willem;5310;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Steenhuizen Barend Louis;5298;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Stocker Frans Paul;5306;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;civilian lawyer

Stralendorff Charles Frederick van;5278;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Swart John Julius Augustus;5293;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Taanom Johannes Albertus van;5320;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Termohlen Gerhard;5265;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Tinkelenbert Theofilus Willem Hendrik;5331;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Tollens Louis Jacobus Antonius;5303;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Vugt Leo van;5279;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Wilde de Ligny Frederick Willem de;5282;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Wiljes Hans Garrelfs de;5430;29-Jan-45;

Wolzogen Johan von;5292;12/4/1943 Hawaii Maru;

Zimmer Hendrik;5431;29-Jan-45;

Part 2.  Roster of 20 Dutch POWs who arrived at Fukuoka #4 from Fukuoka #1 camp on 4 Aug 1945

Name;camp #;arrival

Beets Robert Francis;5544;04-Aug-45

Calicher Emiel Willem;5534;04-Aug-45

Emons Karel Frederik;5540;04-Aug-45

Erk Willem van;5526;04-Aug-45

Gardenier Johannes Andrews;5525;04-Aug-45

Hoogland Jacob Johannes;5533;04-Aug-45

Jong Leendert de;5541;04-Aug-45

Keyl Pieter Johannes van der;5537;04-Aug-45

Koster Johan;5542;04-Aug-45

Leenders Willem;5543;04-Aug-45

Mesker Wilhelmus Johannes Frans;5532;04-Aug-45

Mos Jan de;5529;04-Aug-45

Muntendam Sixtus Dirk;5535;04-Aug-45

Reynders Willem;5528;04-Aug-45

Simon Guilluame August;5536;04-Aug-45

Slot Hermannus;5538;04-Aug-45

Smaal Mels;5530;04-Aug-45

Snels Wilhelmus Jan Baptist;5527;04-Aug-45

Veltema Jan Cornelius Marie;5531;04-Aug-45

Vierdag Emiele;5539;04-Aug-45

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