POW Camp Fukuoka 4B Moji, Kyushu
Moji YMCA Building

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The Moji YMCA returned to normal.  Photographs taken before the building was demolished in 1999.
(link is http://mojiko.com/YMCA/ )

(Above) Front View of YMCA building.  Main POW barracks.

(Right) Interior views 2nd floor YMCA building.

Latrine (f to r) pit toilets, urinals, wash basins.  Door to bathroom.
Third floor YMCA building barracks.
View, from 2nd floor YMCA building.  Guard house next to camp gate (r).
View from main entrance. (l to r) edge YMCA bldg, mess hall, officers quarters, guard house.
Photos taken 21 Jan 1946 for War Crimes Investigation.  US National Archives Record Group 331 Box 921.
Images courtesy Roger Mansell.