Nagara Maru POW roster

    This roster contains the name of all 179 Americans sent from Manila to Takao, Formosa, aboard Nagara
 Maru in August 1942.   The same men were then placed aboard a much smaller ship, which they knew as #107, or "Otaru Maru" and transported to Keelung, Formosa.  After disembarking, the POWs were taken to Karenko POW camp.  The actual name of the second ship was Suzuya Maru.   

   Many sources were used in recreating this roster, but the most important were records of POWs imprisoned on Taiwan obtained from the US National Archives (Record Group 407, Box 122) by Roger Mansell, and from the Col. Edmund J. Lilly POW papers held at the US Army Combined Arms Research Library ( ).  Copyright 2009 by James W. Erickson

    The file is in delimited format, divided by semicolons.  It is sorted alphabetically.  "Twn POW#" refers to the number assigned to the prisoner upon arrival on Taiwan (Formosa), "Last camp" is the camp from which the POW was liberated or in which he died. "To Japan" records the means by which the POW was later sent to Japan from Formosa.  Later transport from Japan to Manchuria was by ferry from Fukuoka, Japan, to Fusan, Korea, and then north by train.

Name;Rank;Svc #;Branch;Position or subsidiary unit;Primary unit;Parent unit;Twn POW#;Last camp;death date;To Japan;Notes

ALDRIDGE EDWIN E;COL;O&006768;INF;C/S;31st Div (PA);;32;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

AMIS WILLIAM N;COL;O&011748;AC;;FESC;;33;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

ATKINSON EDWARD C;COL;O&010131;INF;Sr Inst;42nd Inf Regt (PA);41st Div (PA);34;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

AUSMUS DELBERT;COL;O&007898;CAC;Hq;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;35;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

BALSAM ALFRED S;COL;O&003864;QMC;QM;I Corps;;36;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

BEEBE LEWIS C;B G;O&006292;USA;C/S;USFIP;;31;Mukden;;Oct 44 by air;4-Oct-44

BELL GILMER M;COL;O&005472;IGD;IG;Luzon Force;;37;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

BERRY KEARIE L;COL;O&007220;INF;CO;1st Reg Div (PA);;38;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

BITTNER ROBERT D;S SGT;6949446;AC;3rd Purs Sqdn;24th Purs Gp;V Intcp Cmd;153;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

BLAND ALBERT J;S SGT;6894666;AC;3rd Purs Sqdn;24th Purs Gp;V Intcp Cmd;151;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

BLUEMEL CLIFFORD;B G;O&002642;USA;CG;31st Div (PA);;25;Mukden;;Oct 44 by air;

BOATWRIGHT JOHN R;COL;O&006927;INF;CO;53rd Inf Regt (PA);51st Div (PA);39;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

BONHAM ROSCOE;COL;O&010767;CE;Hq Engrs;USFIP;;40;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

BOWLER LOUIS J;COL;O&006335;CAC;C/S;Phil CA Cmd;;41;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

BRALY WILLIAM C;COL;O&007972;CAC;G-3;HDM&SB;;42;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

BRAWNER PEMBROKE A;COL;O&010665;INF;G-4;Svc Cmd Area;Luzon Force;43;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

BREZINA FRANK M;COL;O&002983;QMC;QM;Svc Cmd Area;Luzon Force;44;Shirakawa;26-Jun-43;;

BROUGHER WILLIAM E;B G;O&003183;USA;CG;11th Div (PA);;27;Mukden;;Oct 44 by air;4-Oct-44

BROWN BURTON R;MAJ;O&021113;CAC;Hq & Hq Btry;HDM&SB;;133;Mukden;;Taiko Maru;

BROWNE HARRISON G;COL;O&002759;INF;C/S;Phil Div;;45;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

BUNKER PAUL D;COL;O&001897;CAC;CO;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;46;Karenko;16-Mar-43;;

BURDETTE KARL;PFC;33084510;;C Co;803rd Engr Bn (Avn);;185;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

CALLAHAN JAMES W "PAT";COL;O&005435;INF;PM;II Corps;;47;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

CALLAHAN ROBERT L;PVT;17014377;INF;A Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;192;Shirakawa;;;

CAMPBELL ALEXANDER H;COL;O&005310;CAC;Air Warning Svc Co (CO);V Intcp Cmd;FEAF;48;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

CARROLL HUBERT;T SGT;6259012;INF;Hq & Hq Det;USFIP;;176;Sian Manchuria;Oct 44 by air;

CARTER JAMES D;COL;O&008494;INF;XO;92nd Inf Regt (PA);91st Div (PA);49;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

CAVANAGH JAMES B;M SG;17017247;FIN;G-2 office;II Corps;;144;Karenko;10-Feb-43;;

CHASE THEODORE M;COL;O&002629;CAC;AA (CO);HDM&SB;;50;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

CHURCHILL LAWRENCE S;COL;O&003270;AC;CO;FEAF;;56;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

CHURCHYARD GEORGE H;T SGT;19052945;MD;G-3 Office;II Corps;;149;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

COLLIER JAMES V;COL;O&015474;GSC;G-3;II Corps;;51;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

COOPER WIBB E;COL;O&002819;MD;Surgeon;USFIP;;52;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

CORDERO VIRGIL N;COL;O&007472;INF;CO;72nd Inf Regt (PA);71st Div (PA);53;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

CORKILL WILLIAM E;COL;O&007055;FA;;Luzon Force;;54;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

COTTRELL JOSEPH F;COL;O&002790;CAC;XO;HDM&SB;;55;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

CREWS LEONARD R;COL;O&007357;CAC;G-4;HDM&SB;;57;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

CURTIS DONALD;COL;213;MAR;Hq;4th Marine Regt;;136;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

DAVIDSON BROWN F;S SGT;6296946;AC;Hq & Hq Sqdn;24th Purs Gp;V Intcp Cmd;168;Taihoku #6;;;

DAVIDSON EUGENE L;PVT;39302001;AMD;Hq Co;194th Tank Bn;Prov Tank Gp;196;Shirakawa;;;

DAVIS ROBERT GAYLORD ;CAPT;7497;USN;CO;Canacao Naval Hosp;16th Naval Distr;137;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

DE CARRE OCTAVE;COL;O&003206;CAC;CO;92nd CA Regt (PS);HDM&SB;58;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

DOANE IRVIN E;COL;O&005200;INF;CO;Prov Air Corps Regt;;59;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

DOOLEY THOMAS;MAJ;O&328542;CAV;ADC;USFIP;;134;Mukden;;Taiko Maru;

DOUGHERTY LOUIS R;COL;O&002494;FA;Arty Officer;II Corps;;60;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

DRAKE CHARLES C;B G;O&003415;USA;QM;USFIP;;28;Mukden;;Oct 44 by air;4-Oct-44

DUMAS ALBERT HUGH;COL;O&007488;INF;C/S;1st Reg Div (PA);;61;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

ECKLES ALFRED H;CPL;14056941;SC;;409th Sig Co (Avn);;171;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

ELMES CHESTER;COL;O&011365;QMC;QM;HDM&SB;;62;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

EVANS LEONARD N;PVT;18063114;QMC;QM Det;Svc Cmd Area;Luzon Force;194;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

FERGUSON ORRA A;CPL;11016019;CE;C Co;803rd Engr Bn (Avn);;172;Taihoku #6;;;

FORTIER MALCOLM V;COL;O&005604;INF;Sr Instr;42nd Inf Regt (PA);41st Div (PA);63;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

FOSTER JOHN M;PFC;6951570;DML;Hq;Svc Cmd Area;Luzon Force;183;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

FOSTER VALENTINE P;COL;O&006185;CAC;CO;Ft Hughes;HDM&SB;64;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

FRY PHILIP T;COL;O&006253;INF;3rd Bn;57th Inf Regt (PS);Phil Div;65;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

FUHRIMAN ROYCE J;S SGT;19010314;DML;Hq;Svc Cmd Area;Luzon Force;164;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

FUNK ARNOLD J;B G;O&005580;USA;C/S;Luzon Force;;30;Mukden;;Oct 44 by air;

FURR PAUL E;PFC;15016400;ORD;;17th Ord Co (Armd);Prov Tank Gp;187;Hakodate #2 Akahira;Taiko Maru;

GALBRAITH NICOLL F;COL;O&011588;FA;Hq;USFIP;;66;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

GARFINKLE ABRAHAM "Abe";COL;O&003235;INF;IG & JA;II Corps;;67;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

GEBOW BENJAMIN R;S SGT;1115412;QMC;QM Det;Svc Cmd Area;Luzon Force;167;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

GLATTLY HAROLD W;LT COL;O&016967;MC;Surgeon;Luzon Force;;130;Taihoku #6;;;

GONZALVES GORDON B;T SGT;10308311;AC;Hq Co (Engr);II Corps;;148;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

GREENLEAF HARRY B;S SGT;6569733;INF;Hq;Luzon Force;;189;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

HALSTEAD EARL T;LT COL;O&109786;AGD;AG ;Luzon Force;;131;Mukden;;Taiko Maru;

HALTERMAN JAMES;PFC;15016372;ORD;;17th Ord Co (Armd);Prov Tank Gp;188;Mukden;;unknown;to Japan by air or Oryoku Oct 44

HAMILTON STUART A;COL;O&004663;CWS;Chem Officer;USFIP;;68;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

HAWKINS RALPH H;S SGT;19016682;DML;Hq;Svc Cmd Area;Luzon Force;159;Taihoku #6;;;

HILL CARLTON;CPL;18050154;INF;G Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;191;Taihoku 6;;;

HILTON DONALD B;COL;O&007434;INF;XO;45th Inf Regt (PS);Phil Div;69;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

HILTON ROY C;COL;O&005554;INF;G-4;Luzon Force;;70;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

HIRSCH GEORGE W;COL;O&08580;ORD;Hq;USFIP;;71;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

HOEFFEL KENNETH M;CAPT;10822;USN;Commandant;16th Naval Distr;;138;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

HOFFMAN ROBERT J;COL;O&008646;INF;G-3;Phil Div;;72;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

HOWARD SAMUEL LUTZ;COL;452;MAR;CO;4th Marine Regt;;139;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

HUGHES JAMES C;COL;O&006495;FA;CO;11th FA Regt (PA);11th Div (PA);73;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

HUNDLEY HENRY WILSON;T SGT;17007385;QMC;QM Det;Svc Cmd Area;Luzon Force;150;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

IVES ALBERT R;COL;O&004863;FA;CO;Prov FA Brigade;II Corps;74;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

JAMES STANLEY L;COL;O&002270;SC;Sig Officer;Svc Cmd Area;Luzon Force;75;Tokyo 23D Kawasaki;Jan-43;to Japan 25 Jan 43

JOHNSON AARON J;S SGT;6936231;CAC;Hq Co;Svc Cmd Area;Luzon Force;166;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

JOHNSON EDWIN H;COL;O&005434;INF;CO;32nd Inf Regt (PA);31st Div (PA);76;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

JOHNSON ENOS A;SGT;6716414;CE;C Co;803rd Engr Bn (Avn);;156;;;Taiko Maru;

JONES ALBERT M;M G;O&003186;INF;CG;I Corps;;22;mukden;;Oct 44 by air;

KAZERSKI FRANK A;SGT;6583038;INF;Hq DEML;Phil Dept;;163;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

KEATON KENNETH V;PFC;18050224;CE;C Co;803rd Engr Bn (Avn);;181;Shirakawa;;;

KELTNER EDGAR H "Jack";COL;O&008241;INF;C/S;91st Div (PA);;77;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

KING EDWARD P JR;M G ;O&002442;USA ;CG;Luzon Force;;19;Sian Manchuria;Oct 44 by air;

KOHN JOSEPH P;COL;O&005860;CAC;CO;91st CA Regt (PS);HDM&SB;78;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

KONDRASIEWICZ JOSEPH F;2nd LT;O&890252;INF;;808th MP Co (PS);;190;Kukutsu;;;

KUHN VIRGIL E;S SGT;6859386;CE;Hq Co;803rd Engr Bn (Avn);;155;Heito;08-Feb-45;;

LAIRSON ALVIE L;S SGT;6823758;AC ;;V Intcp Cmd;FEAF;177;Hakodate #2 Akahira;Taiko Maru;

LATHROP LESLIE T;COL;O&006642;INF;;2nd Inf Regt (PC);2nd Reg Div (PA);79;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;ex 45th Inf Regt (PS) to Constabulary 28 Mar 42

LAUGHINGHOUSE Newman R;COL;O&011181;;Air Officer;USFIP;;80;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

LAWRENCE CHARLES S;COL;O&014799;QMC;QM;Luzon Force;;81;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

LEASE MONROE S;T SGT;6751306;INF;Hq Co (DEML);Luzon Force;;147;Taihoku #6;;;

LEEMANN HERBERT F;S SGT;6755043;AC ;91st Bomb Sqdn;27th Bomb Gp (L);V Bomb Cmd;154;;;Nov-43;to Japan 13 Nov 43

LIGHT NEWTON H;M SGT;6077369;QMC;QM Det;Svc Cmd Area;Luzon Force;145;Tokyo #1 Omori;Nov-43;to Japan 13 Nov 43

LILLY EDMUND J JR;COL;O&007373;INF;CO;57th Inf Regt (PS);Phil Div;82;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

LOUGH MAXON S;B G ;O&003165;USA ;CG;Phil Div;;23;Mukden;;Oct 44 by air;

LOWMAN KENNETH EARLE;CAPT;9886;USN;Ch Surgeon;Asiatic Fleet;;140;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

LYHENE DENNIS J;SGT;18042219;DML;Hq (DEML);Luzon Force;;165;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

LYNCH THOMAS A;COL;O&003237;NO;JAG;USFIP;;83;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

MAC DONALD STUART C "Shorty";COL;O&003854;INF;CO;91st Inf Regt (PA);91st Div (PA);84;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

MAHER WILLIAM F;COL;O&003747;GSC ;C/S;I Corps;;86;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

MALLONEE RICHARD C;COL;O&008464;FA;CO;21st FA Regt (PA);21st Div (PA);87;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

MANEES JAMES R;COL;O&011664;INF;PM;Svc Cmd Area;Luzon Force;88;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

MARSHALL FLOYD C;COL;O&008380;INF;G-1;Luzon Force;;89;Mukden;15-Aug-45;Oct 44 Oryoku;

MC BRIDE ALLAN C;B G ;O&002461;USA;CG;Svc Cmd Area;Svc Cmd Area;24;Shirakawa;9 May 44;;

MC CAFFERTY GRATTAN;COL;O&007835;INF;G-3;Svc Cmd Area;Luzon Force;85;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;ex 22nd Inf Regt (PA)

MEAD WALLACE A;COL;O&007384;INF;CO;23rd Inf Regt (PA);21st Div (PA);90;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

MENZIE JAMES T;COL;O&006227;AGD;AG;USFIP;;91;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

MIELENZ LLOYD E;COL;O&009319;CE;XO to Engr Officer;USFIP;;92;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

MONIHAN JAMES G;COL;O&004593;GSC ;;I Corps;;93;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

MOORE ARTHUR P "Dinty";COL;O&010105;FA;;I Corps;;94;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;ex 41st Inf Regt (PA)

MOORE GEORGE F;M G ;O&002677;USA ;CG;HDM&SB;;20;Sian Manchuria;Oct 44 by air;

MULLINS JASPER C;SGT;6571240;CWS;4th Chem Co (Avn);5th Air Base Gp;FEAF;162;Mukden;;Oct 44 by air;4-Oct-44

MURPHY DENNIS P;COL;O&010038;INF;CO;1st Inf Regt (PA);1st Reg Div (PA);95;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

NELSON FRANK;COL;O&005484;CAV;G-3;I Corps;;96;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

NUGENT DANIEL H;T SGT;35100577;AMD;Hq Co;192nd Tank Bn;Prov Tank Gp;170;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;orderly to Gen Weaver

OCONNOR EDWIN;COL;O&003170;INF;Sr Instr;2nd Reg Div (PA);;97;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

ODAY RAY M;COL;O&004918;INF;Sr Instr;21st Div (PA);;98;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

ODLIN WALTER C;PFC;6550925;ORD;Hq Co (DEML);Luzon Force;;158;Mukden;;unknown;Oct 44 by air or Oryoku

PARADISE BOB F;PFC;6290694;MD;Med Det;Luzon Force;;179;Kukutsu;;;

PARKER GEORGE M JR;M G;O&002783;INF;CG;II Corps;;21;Mukden;;Oct 44 by air;4-Oct-44

PECHEK FRANK A;T SGT;18029113;INF;Hq Co (DEML);Luzon Force;;161;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

PECK HARRY M;COL;O&163234;CAC;CO;515th CA Regt (AA);;99;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

PENROSE ARTHUR W;COL;O&007913;INF;G-2;Phil Div;;100;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

PIERCE CLINTON A;B G;O&004937;USA;CG;71st Div (PA);;29;Mukden;;Oct 44 by air;

PILET NUNEZ C;COL;O&015931;GSC;G-1;USFIP;;101;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

PLISKA ADAM E;1st SGT;6466971;INF;;12th MP Co (PS);Phil Div;146;Shirakawa;29-Aug-45;;

PUGH JOHN R;LT COL;O&018790;CAV;ADC;USFIP;;132;Mukden;;Taiko Maru;

QUESENBERRY MARSHALL H;COL;O&003904;INF;G-4;Phil Div;;102;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

QUINN MICHAEL A;COL;O&010882;QMC;Hq;I Corps;;103;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

QUINTARD ALEXANDER S;COL;O&005581;FA;CO;301st FA Regt (PA);;104;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

RAVNEBERG NOEL M;CPL;37081650;INF;Hq Co;194th Tank Bn;Prov Tank Gp;174;Oka;;;

RAWITSER EMIL C;COL;O&005178;JAG;JAG;USFIP;;105;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

RAYNIS ADOLPH J;S SGT;12007303;INF;Hq;Svc Cmd Area;Luzon Force;160;;;Taiko Maru;

RICHARDS HARRISON H C;COL;O&003092;AC;AC Det (CO);Luzon Force;;106;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

ROBERTS LYLE Jay;CAPT;12666;USN (MC);XO;Canacao Naval Hosp;16th Naval Distr;141;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

RODMAN JOHN H;COL;O&007425;INF;CO;92nd Inf Regt (PA);91st Div (PA);107;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

ROGERS RICHARD G;COL;O&011698;QMC;Hq;Luzon Force;;108;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

ROSENBERRY HARRY;SGT;6274703;AC;19th Air Base Sqdn;20th Air Base Gp;FEAF;173;Taihoku #6;;;

RUSHING N L;S SGT;6957219;DML;Hq Det (DEML);USFIP;USFIP;157;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

SAGE CHARLES G;COL;O&171863;CAC;CO;200th CA Regt (AA);;109;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

SCHERMERHORN Howard A;SGT;16008700;INF;Svc Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;180;Hakodate #2 Akahira;Taiko Maru;

SEIDL FRANCIS X;CPL;12007279;INF;B Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;175;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;orderly to Gen Brougher

SELLECK CLYDE A;COL;O&002841;FA;C/S;Svc Cmd Area;Luzon Force;110;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;ex BG CO 71st Div (PA) demoted Jan 42

SHEA MAURICE P;PFC;19012853;CE;C Co;803rd Engr Bn (Avn);;186;Shirakawa;;;

SHERRY DEAN;MAJ;O&151719;INF;;1st Inf Regt (PC);2nd Reg Div (PA);135;Taihoku #6;;;

SKERRY HARRY A;COL;O&005584;CE;Hq;I Corps;;111;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

SLEDGE THEODORE J;COL;O&005817;INF;XO to C/S;USFIP;;112;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

SMITH WARREN B;SGT;20900686;INF;Hq Co;194th Tank Bn;Prov Tank Gp;182;;;Taiko Maru;

STANSELL JOSHUA A;COL;O&008599;SC;Sig Officer;Luzon Force;;113;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

STEEL CHARLES LOWNDES;COL;O&004835;INF;C/S;II Corps;;114;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;ex CO 31st Inf Regt

STICKNEY HENRY H;COL;O&003319;CE;Engr Officer;USFIP;;115;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

STOWELL ALLEN L;COL;O&010310;SC;Sig Officer;II Corps;;116;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

SWANTON DONOVAN;COL;O&005314;INF;CO;51st Inf Regt (PA);51st Div (PA);117;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

TEAGUE THEODORE T;COL;O&011678;SC;;USFIP;;118;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

TOWNSEND GLEN R;COL;O&010001;INF;CO;11th Inf Regt (PA);11th Div (PA);119;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

TRAYWICK JESSE T JR;COL;O&015818;GSC;G-3;USFIP;;120;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

UHRIG JACOB E;COL;O&009001;INF;CO;22nd Inf Regt (PA);21st Div (PA);121;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

VANCE JOHN R;COL;O&012301;INF;Manila Fin Office;USFIP;;122;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

VANCE LEE C;COL;O&015382;CAV;CO;26th Cav Regt (PS);Phil Div;123;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

WAINWRIGHT J M;LT GEN;O&002131;USA;CG;USFIP;;18;Sian Manchuria;Oct 44 by air;

WALKER ALBERT K;CPL;39301569;AMD;Hq Co;192nd Tank Bn;Prov Tank Gp;193;Tokyo 23D Kawasaki;Jan-43;to Japan 25 Jan 43

WARD FREDERICK A;COL;O&007566;QMC;Hq Water Trans Svc;USFIP;;124;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

WEAVER JAMES R N;B G;O&003100;USA;CG;Prov Tank Gp;Luzon Force;26;Mukden;;Oct 44 by air;

WEBER WILLIAM H;T SGT;17018723;INF;Svc Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;152;Oka;;;

WEHRKAMP ROY V;S SGT;37025572;INF;Hq Co;194th Tank Bn;Prov Tank Gp;184;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

WETHERBY LOREN A;COL;O&007038;INF;Sr Instr;41st Inf Regt (PA);41st Div (PA);125;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

WHITEHURST MATTHEW S;1st SGT;6752534;CE;Hq Co;803rd Engr Bn (Avn);;143;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

WILLIAMS EVERETT C;COL;O&005125;FA;Hq;Luzon Force;;126;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

WILTERDINK WM H;CAPT;5448;USN;;16th Naval Distr;;142;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

WOLF JOSEPH M;T SGT;6847571;INF;D Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;169;Taihoku #6;;;

WOOD STUART;COL;O&016857;FA;G-2;USAFFE;;127;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

WORTHINGTON JOSIAH W;COL;O&009496;VC;Hq;Luzon Force;;128;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

WUERST EDWIN A;PFC;289970;MAR;Hq Co 3rd Bn;4th Marine Regt;;178;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

YANKEY LUCIEN F;PVT;20523504;AMD;Hq Co;192nd Tank Bn;Prov Tank Gp;195;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

YOUNG ADLAI C "Brig";COL;O&004966;INF;CO;51st Div (PA);;129;Mukden;;Oct 44 Oryoku;

Copyright 2009 by James W. Erickson