Clyde Maru POW roster (complete 500/500)

    This roster contains the names of the 500 Americans sent from Manila to Moji, Japan, aboard the Clyde Maru
from 23 July to 9 August 1943.  The men were transported by train from Moji station to camp Fukuoka 17 at Omuta, Kyushu, arriving on 10 Aug 1943.

   Many sources were used in recreating this roster, but the most important were records of POWs imprisoned at Fukuoka #17 obtained from Wes Injerd.  These included documents originally from the US National Archives (probably RG 407 Box 22) and others provided to Wes by former camp 17 POW, Cecil Parrott.  Additional information was obtained from a partial Clyde Maru roster unearthed at US National Archives (RG 407, Box 80, File 501-1-1), camp 17 records from the US National Archives (RG 407 Box 187) provided by Roger Mansell, the Fukuoka camp 17 webpages developed by Linda Dahl ( ), and transcripts of the court martial of Lt. Edward N. Little provided by Richard Szczepanski.  The late Roger Mansell generously provided additional information from his POW database.

    The file is in delimited format, divided by semicolons.  It is sorted alphabetically.  "Fk-17 camp #" refers to the number assigned to the prisoner upon arrival at camp 17.  This number may also represent their position on the Clyde Maru roster.  Numerous POWs were later moved from Camp 17 to other locations.  Where known, such movements are listed in the Notes.  No POWs died aboard the Clyde Maru, but the names of the 22 men who died in Japan are marked in dark redNewly added names (16 Nov 2010) are marked in blue.

Name;Rank;Svc #;Branch;Subsidiary unit;Assigned Unit;Parent Unit;Fk-17 camp#;death date;death place;Notes


ADAMS BERDINE;Pvt;6282884;INF;M Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;470;;;

ADAMS EDWIN BERDINE;Cpl;276236;MAR;A Co 1st Bn;4th Marine Regt;;123;;;

ADAMS JOHN CARROL;Pfc;279795;MAR;F Co 2nd Bn;4th Marine Regt;;454;;;

ALBERT PHILIP L;Pvt;290033;MAR;D Co 1st Bn;4th Marine Regt;;427;;;

ALDRICH ROBERT L;Sgt;20843483;CAC;Hq Btry 2nd Bn;200th CA Regt (AA);;50;;;

ALLEN JOHN H;2nd LT;O&890115;INF;Hq Co;192nd Tank Bn;Prov Tank Gp;6;;;to Fk-01 to Mukden 25 April 45

ALLEN WALTER P;Pvt;6561358;CAC;E Btry;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;147;;;

ALTENDORF MELVIN RICHARDS;Pvt;16008565;CAC;E Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;273;;;

ANDREOTTOLA SAMUEL JOSEPH;Pvt;11030578;INF;K Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;143;;;

ARD OLIVER;Pfc;6924986;CAC;K Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;146;;;

ARNAUD ERNEST V;Pfc;19018393;AC;2nd Obsn Sqdn;27th Bomb Gp (L);V Bomb Cmd;493;;;

ATWOOD TROYSE ELMORE;Pvt;19056651;CAC;I Btry;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;331;;;

AULD FORREST FRANCIS;Pvt;11024275;AC;16th Bomb Sqdn;27th Bomb Gp (L);V Bomb Cmd;163;;;

AYERS BILLY ALVIN;Pvt;18029998;AC;7th Matl Sqdn;19th Bomb Gp (H);V Bomb Cmd;195;;;

BAILEY ROBERT ALLEN;Cpl;19049435;AC;7th Matl Sqdn;19th Bomb Gp (H);V Bomb Cmd;135;;;

BAILEY STUART WILDER;Pfc;19046233;AC;20th Purs Sqdn;24th Purs Gp;V Intcp Cmd;303;;;

BALAZA CHARLES;Cpl;6982521;CAC;K Btry;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;136;;;

BALL JAMES;Pfc;12002763;CAC;F Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;227;;;

BARBER OBIE EUGENE;Pvt;18029959;AC;7th Matl Sqdn;19th Bomb Gp (H);V Bomb Cmd;360;;;

BARKA THOMAS;Pvt;38012368;CAC;Hq Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);;257;;;

BARNES RAY HERSCHEL;Pfc;280167;MAR;L Co 3rd Bn;4th Marine Regt;;428;;;

BARRERAS JOE;Pfc;20843375;CAC;D Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);;455;;;

BATCHELOR FRANKLIN S;Pvt;11009266;AC;Hq & Hq Sqdn;27th Bomb Gp (L);V Bomb Cmd;350;;;

BEASLEY RUSSELL EUGENE;Pfc;15061831;CAC;B Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;494;;;

BECRAFT LEROY T;Pvt;6934758;INF;I Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;301;;;

BEDNARSKI CAROL A;Pfc;6982485;QMC;;;;304;;;

BEGER WILBUR J;Pvt;37053603;CAC;C Btry;515th CA Regt (AA);;449;;;

BELL FRANCIS E;S Sgt;38011898;CAC;C Btry;515th CA Regt (AA);;22;;;

BENEDUM GEORGE Dewey JR;Sgt;13022525;SC;Air Warning Svc Co;V Intcp Cmd;FEAF;69;;;

BENNETT JAMES PETER;T Sgt;6842726;ORD;;75th Ord Co (Depot);;16;;;

BICKETT JOSEPH F;Cpl;16019337;QMC;;;;228;;;

BICKLEY ROBERT GRAY;SC2c;3561608;USN;;USS Fisheries II;Inshore Patrol;36;;;

BIGELOW FRANK HERNDON;S2C;3287517;USN;;USS Canopus;Submarine Sqdn 20;417;;;

BLANK SAMUEL;Pvt;6976612;SC;;228th Sig Opns Co;;293;;;

BLUJUS STANLEY J;Cpl;6983549;INF;;;;84;;;

BOBROWNICKI WALTER JOSEPH;AOM3C;2435977;USN;;;;unknown;;;to Fk-09 Miyata date unknown;

BOETCHER HAROLD J;Pvt;19018353;QMC;;33rd QM Regt (Trk);;456;;;

BOETTGER WILFORD F;Pvt;17016182;CAC;K Btry;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;362;;;

BOHANNON CARL E;S Sgt;20843741;CAC;F Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);;39;;;

BOHN THOMAS P;Pvt;37055570;CAC;A Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);;300;;;

BOLTON HUGH M;Pvt;19003529;CAC;B Btry;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;292;;;

BOREN HOMER A;Pvt;19052593;ORD;698th Ord Co (Avn);27th Bomb Gp (L);V Bomb Cmd;471;;;

BOTTROFF MARTIN ELMER;Pvt;19056913;CAC;B Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;472;;;

BOYD JAMES AUBREY;Pvt;17023660;INF;A Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;372;;;

BRADY DUMONT W;S Sgt;34078346;SC;;409th Sig Co (Avn);;42;;;

BRENNER FRANK W;Pvt;13027757;AC;28th Matl Sqdn;20th Air Base Gp;FEAF;473;;;

BROCK JAMES BYRON;Cpl;18026134;AC;34th Purs Sqdn;24th Purs Gp;V Intcp Cmd;85;;;

BROOKSHIRE RAY W;Cpl;6937104;AC;27th Matl Sqdn;20th Air Base Gp;FEAF;119;;;

BROWNING WESLEY C JR;Sgt;6969392;AC;17th Bomb Sqdn;27th Bomb Gp (L);V Bomb Cmd;43;;;

BRUCE JACKSON;Pvt;6562216;INF;Hq Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;474;;;

BRUCE MARION E;Pfc;6797506;ORD;698th Ord Co (Avn);27th Bomb Gp (L);V Bomb Cmd;457;26 Dec 1944;Fk-17;

BRUER JOHN J JR;Cpl;36212250;CWS;;7th Chem Co (Avn);;92;;;

BRYANT EARL Milton;Pfc;19003244;SC;;;;229;;;

BUCHANAN ARTHUR R;Pfc;14026336;AC;91st Bomb Sqdn;27th Bomb Gp (L);V Bomb Cmd;406;;;

BUFFONE LOUIS;Pvt;16028874;AC;;V Intcp Cmd;FEAF;196;;;

BUGGS LESTER R;Pfc;20645225;AMD;Hq Co;192nd Tank Bn;Prov Tank Gp;495;;;

BURCH RAY;Pfc;20844136;CAC;H Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);;305;;;

BURCHFIELD WALDON L;20843951;CAC;G Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);unknown;;;to Fk-01 Main date unknown

BURKE RICHARD P;Cpl;36008489;CAC;G Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);;106;;;

BURKEHOLDER EUGENE P;Cpl;20843738;CAC;F Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);;86;;;

BURNS ISAAC;Pvt;6270310;QMC;;;;165;;;

BUTLER CHARLES HUGH;Pfc;14042429;CAC;E Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;450;;;

BYARS WILLIAM RAYNARD;Pvt;17017126;CAC;E Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;299;;;

CAMPBELL BILLY JR;Pvt;15061748;CAC;1st Bn;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;197;;;

CAMPBELL UTAH A;Pfc;18018191;CAC;Hq 3rd Bn;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;189;;;

CARR EDWARD WHITMAN;Pvt;301036;MAR;F Co 2nd Bn;4th Marine Regt;;429;6 Sept 1945;Fk-17;

CARRINGER WAYNE;Pfc;6972776;AC;Hq & Hq Sqdn;27th Bomb Gp (L);V Bomb Cmd;399;;;

CARROLL JUNIOUS GEARY JR;Cpl;6267828;CAC;;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;93;;;

CARSON CHRISTOPHER T;Pvt;19044281;AC;34th Purs Sqdn;24th Purs Gp;V Intcp Cmd;394;9 Jul 1945;Fk-17;

CASSIN JOSEPH;Pfc;11024146;AC;16th Bomb Sqdn;27th Bomb Gp (L);V Bomb Cmd;306;;;

CATES ROBERT DALE;Pvt;15061835;CAC;B Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;386;;;

CHAMBERS EDWIN C;Pfc;19032475;CAC;C Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;336;;;

CHANDLER ADRIAN PERRY;Pfc;280720;MAR;M Co 3rd Bn;4th Marine Regt;;430;;;

CHANDLER DROLAN;Pvt;14026383;AC;Hq & Hq Sqdn;27th Bomb Gp (L);V Bomb Cmd;258;;;

CHANDLER LEWELL F;Sgt;6282620;INF;I Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;47;;;

CHASE HARRY A;Pfc;6980415;QMC;;;;230;;;

CHAVOS ANGELOS S;Pvt;32081738;CE;Hq Co;803rd Engr Bn (Avn);;149;;;

CHILDS HERBERT;Cpl;18013695;AC;21st Purs Sqdn;24th Purs Gp;V Intcp Cmd;400;;;

CHRISTIE CHARLES P "Phillip";2nd LT;O&412681;AC;3rd Purs Sqdn;24th Purs Gp;V Intcp Cmd;7;;;to Mukden 25 Apr 45

CHUMLY GEORGE E (Chumley?);Pvt;20523452;INF;D Co;194th Tank Bn;Prov Tank Gp;269;;;

CLARK DONALD LARRY;Pfc;14037714;INF;I Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;274;;;

CLEMENTS W T "Dub";Pvt;38012024;CAC;A Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);;259;;;

Coats Wallace H;Pfc;3802105;AMD;B Co;192nd Tank Bn; Prov Tank Gp;unknown;;;to Fk-01 Main date unknown

CODER OTTO W;Cpl;38005239;AC;7th Matl Sqdn;19th Bomb Gp (H);V Bomb Cmd;266;;;

COLE MARSHALL N;Pfc;11016182;NO;48th Matl Sqdn;27th Bomb Gp (L);V Bomb Cmd;458;;;

COLE ROY LEE;Pvt;19020755;CAC;B Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;357;;;

COLEMAN GILBERT R;Pvt;19048390;AC;20th Purs Sqdn;24th Purs Gp;V Intcp Cmd;265;;;

COLLINS CHARLES PRICE JR;Pvt;14043788;CAC;A Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;361;;;

COLLINS JOSEPH P;Pfc;18048950;CAC;A Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;150;;;

COLVIN JOE LEONARD;Pfc;290290;MAR;D Co 1st Bn;4th Marine Regt;;431;;;

Combe Glen Wesley;Pvt;16017847;CAC;1st Bn 60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;unknown;;;to Fk-09 Miyata date unknown

COPE ARTIE P;Pfc;20900698;INF;;194th Tank Bn;Prov Tank Gp;152;;;

COPENHAVER JAMES E;Pvt;38003040;QMC;;;;166;;;

CORDOVA RICHARD BOETTIO JR;Pfc;18048983;CAC;E Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;308;;;

CORRE HARRY;Pvt;11030530;CAC;C Btry;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;283;;;

CORSARIE ALBERT J;Pvt;32110315;ORD;454th Ord Co (Avn);27th Bomb Gp (L);V Bomb Cmd;167;;;

COURT JULIAN C;Pfc;18010921;AC;21st Purs Sqdn;24th Purs Gp;V Intcp Cmd;153;;;

COWAND WILLIAM J;Pfc;6852920;INF;B Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;148;;;

COX DONALD H;Sgt;20843822;CAC;F Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);;58;;;

COX HUGHY K;S Sgt;6922327;AC;16th Bomb Sqdn;27th Bomb Gp (L);V Bomb Cmd;34;;;

COX JESSE H;Pvt;6080821;ORD;;;;387;;;

COX OSCAR A;Pvt;20843778;CAC;F Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);;168;;;

CRAIG GEORGE M;Cpl;20843124;CAC;C Btry;515th CA Regt (AA);;107;;;

CRAMER JOHN W JR;Pvt;19020563;INF;Svc Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;302;;;

CRAVENS MAYNARD;Pvt;35100552;INF;D Co;192nd Tank Bn;Prov Tank Gp;285;;;

CRUMPACKER LLOYD E;Pvt;290953;MAR;M Co 3rd Bn;4th Marine Regt;;432;;;

CRUZ DAVID ROBERT;Pvt;19050407;AC;7th Matl Sqdn;19th Bomb Gp (H);V Bomb Cmd;169;;;

CUTALO NICKOLAS;Pfc;32092732;CWS;;7th Chem (Avn);;459;;;

CZARNECKI STANLEY;Pvt;16007323;INF;M Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;267;;;

DALE DEWEY NELSON;Cpl;275146;MAR;K Co 3rd Bn;4th Marine Regt;;124;;;

DALE LEE ALBRIGHT;Cpl;6578062;CAC;K Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;94;;;

DALLAGO VALENTINE R;Pfc;20843311;CAC;D Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);;154;;;

DAUBENSPECK CLARENCE;Cpl;6921015;INF;H Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;87;;;

DAUGHERTY BENNY J;Pfc;38012085;AC;A Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);;231;;;

DAVIS PAUL;Pvt;6897680;CWS;K Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;415;;;

DE MARS VIRGIL D;Pfc;17010534;INF;A Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;309;;;

DEISSNER GEORGE D;Pfc;19006345;SC;;17th Sig Platoon;;401;31 Jul 1944;Fk-17;

DENNY MARVIN WAKERFIELD;Pfc;18034036;INF;Svc Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;241;;;

DIAZ LOUIS ARMENDARIZ JR;Sgt;20842466;CAC;Hq Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);;51;;;

DINNEEN GLEN D;Pvt;19048354;CAC;B Btry;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;310;;;

DORRIS REYNOLDS O;Pvt;14005213;AC;17th Purs Sqdn;24th Purs Gp;V Intcp Cmd;268;;;

DU BOIS ALBERT J;Pvt;36206323;INF;A Co;192nd Tank Bn;Prov Tank Gp;388;;;

DUCKWORTH EDREW H;Pvt;14049091;CWS;;7th Chem (Avn);;332;;;

DUDLEY FLOYD JOY JR;Sgt;258156;MAR;B Co 1st Bn;4th Marine Regt;;76;;;

DUMAS MANSON;Sgt;6270487;ORD;454th Ord Co (Avn);27th Bomb Gp (L);V Bomb Cmd;44;;;

DUNLAP ROBERT L;Pfc;20843746;CAC;F Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);;311;;;

EDDLEMON GEORGE W;Pvt;34141782;ORD;454th Ord Co (Avn);27th Bomb Gp (L);V Bomb Cmd;496;;;

EDWARDS DOUGLAS;Pvt;14054071;ORD;;;;170;;;

EKRE HOWARD SYLVESTER;Pvt;19017696;CAC;F Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;475;;;

ELDRIDGE WILLIAM L;Pfc;19010830;INF;M Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;155;;;

ELTON CALVIN W JR;Sgt;19010176;AC;21st Purs Sqdn;24th Purs Gp;V Intcp Cmd;59;;;

EPPING KENNETH J;S1C;3215215;USN;;;;418;;;

ERRICO LOUIS J;Pvt;32092591;CE;B Co;803rd Engr Bn (Avn);;333;;;

FAGAN THOMAS DALES;Pvt;19018805;ORD;;V Intcp Cmd;FEAF;199;;;

FAILS ALVIN HARRISON;Pvt;38012088;CAC;A Btry;515th CA Regt (AA);;260;;;

FANNIN ELBERT L;Pvt;18035287;INF;D Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;200;;;

FARMER DIXIE B;Pvt;14049023;CWS;;;;334;;;

FARRELL WESLEY C;Pvt;6940910;CAC;D Btry;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;476;;;

FEINER HAROLD ;Pvt;32005987;ORD;;17th Ord Co (Armd);Prov Tank Gp;282;;;

FERGUSON ROBERT A;Pfc;265723;MAR;L Co 3rd Bn;4th Marine Regt;;433;;;

FINLEY JAMES;Pvt;38020403;INF;A Co;192nd Tank Bn;Prov Tank Gp;291;;;

FLORES FELIX;Pvt;38029576;INF;B Co;192nd Tank Bn;Prov Tank Gp;unknown;22 Dec 1943;Fk-17;

FLORES JOSE I;Pvt;38066942;AC;34th Purs Sqdn;24th Purs Gp;V Intcp Cmd;171;;;

FOLK LOUIS;Pfc;19019056;CAC;C Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;312;;;

FORSYTH FRANK RAY;Cpl;245293;MAR;H Co 2nd Bn;4th Marine Regt;;125;;;

FOSTER RAY L;Pfc;37041096;CAC;G Btry;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;242;;;

FOX ORVILLE K;Pvt;37069198;AC;;;;172;;;

FRANTZ DALE BRUCE;Cpl;15017521;CAC;A Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;108;;;

FREEDMAN BERTRAM;Pfc;12027649;SC;;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;313;;;

FRIESE ROY EDWARD;Pvt;19017407;CAC;E Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;173;;;

GANN HARLEY D;Sgt;14054241;DML;;;;202;;;

GANN HOMER L;Pvt;18041398;ORD;693rd Ord Co (Avn);24th Purs Gp;V Intcp Cmd;52;;;

GANN WALTER;Pvt;14054253;SC;;;;203;;;

GARCIA EVANGELISTO R;Pvt;38012590;CAC;H Btry;515th CA Regt (AA);;261;;;

GARDNER CHARLES WILLIAM;Pvt;17014249;INF;Hq Co 1st Bn;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;204;;;

GARNER JOHN E;Pvt;38054328;CAC;Hq Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);;262;;;

GARRETT DAVID E;Sgt;6914786;AC;17th Purs Sqdn;24th Purs Gp;V Intcp Cmd;60;;;

GARRETT J D (JC?);Pvt;38054134;INF;B Co;192nd Tank Bn;Prov Tank Gp;205;;;

GARRISON JOSEPH A;Pvt;6290196;INF;G Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;206;3 Feb 1944;Fk-17;

GASCOIGNE RICHARD FRANK;SK1C;2831727;USN;;USS Canopus;Submarine Sqdn 20;18;;;

GEOSITZ JOSEPH FRANK;Pfc;13004800;QMC;;12th QM Regt (PS);Phil Div;500;;;

GLENN WILLIAM L JR;Sgt;20900678;INF;C Co;194th Tank Bn;Prov Tank Gp;80;;;

GODFREY ROBERT R;Pvt;36050823;CAC;A Btry;515th CA Regt (AA);;477;;;

GOETTLE ROY L;Pvt;15070187;QMC;;;;342;;;

GOLDBRUM LOUIS;Sgt;12027709;SC;Air Warning Svc Co;V Intcp Cmd;FEAF;45;;;

GONZALES ALBERT M;Pvt;38012265;CAC;F Btry;515th CA Regt (AA);;207;;;

GOODRICH ARTHUR SMITH;Pvt;19011224;AC;Hq & Hq Sqdn;19th Bomb Gp (H);V Bomb Cmd;174;;;

GOSLINE EUGENE PAUL;Pfc;17027429;CAC;E Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;243;;;

GRAHAM GRANVILLE L;Cpl;6287700;AC;;;;88;;;

GRIFFIN NORMAN B;Pvt;39300639;CAC;H Btry;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;383;;;

GRIFFITHS CLARENCE E;Pvt;11007536;CAC;;;;384;;;

GRUBBS PAUL L;Pvt;15017164;CAC;K Btry;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;208;;;

Guinn Louis B;Pvt;19038096;QMC;;;;unknown;;;to Fk-09 Miyata date unknown

Gunter James C;Pvt;38012022;CAC;A Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);unknown;;;to Fk-01 Main date unknown

GURLEY THOMAS D;Pvt;37049739;QMC;QM Det;Ft. McKinley;;397;;;

GWALTNEY ROBERT C;S Sgt;6949441;AC;3rd Purs Sqdn;24th Purs Gp;V Intcp Cmd;25;;;

HACKETT WILLIAM H;Pfc;17000646;CAC;D Btry;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;314;;;

HAFER RAY H;Cpl;6560538;INF;C Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;95;;;

HALLAS VERNON IRVIN;Pvt;19019494;MD;L Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;447;;;

HANNINK HARM;Pvt;6579212;CAC;E Btry;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;279;;;

HARKINS JOHN OWENS;Pvt;298037;MAR;M Co 3rd Bn;4th Marine Regt;unknown;;;to Fk-01 Main date unknown

HARP ROBERT R;Sgt;14011927;AC;Hq & Hq Sqdn;27th Bomb Gp (L);V Bomb Cmd;156;;;

HART LEONARD M;Pvt;38020419;INF;A Co;192nd Tank Bn;Prov Tank Gp;232;;;

HART LEWIS WILLIAM;MM1c;3759450;USN;;USS Pigeon;Submarine Sqdn 20;19;;;

HAYES AMOS IRBY JR;Pfc;6385948;INF;H Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;244;;;

HAYWOOD HENRY E;Sgt;6263255;ORD;440th Ord Co (Avn);19th Bomb Gp (H);V Bomb Cmd;61;1 Mar 1945;Fk-17;starved b/c went into debt trading rations

HAZEL LEWIS A;Cpl;6915804;AC;16th Bomb Sqdn;27th Bomb Gp (L);V Bomb Cmd;109;;;

HEARD NOAH C;Pfc;20900717;INF;;194th Tank Bn;Prov Tank Gp;460;31 May 1944;Fk-17;executed by bayonet

HEARD WILLIAM H;Pvt;19032817;CAC;K Btry;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;209;;;

HEINZ ROGER ROY;Pvt;16021859;CAC;L Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;278;;;

HENDRY ELLIOTT G;M SGT;14027257;AC;Hq & Hq Sqdn;27th Bomb Gp (L);V Bomb Cmd;175;;;

HERRING GAIL MYRON;Sgt;6573478;CAC;I Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;56;;;

HERRON DUANE;Pvt;6294782;CAC;E Btry;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;410;;;

HEWLETT THOMAS H;Capt;O&386246;MC;Station Hosp;Ft Mills;HDM&SB;4;;;

HILDRETH LESTER JAMES JR;SC3c;3759762;USN;;USS Canopus;Submarine Sqdn 20;71;;;

HILL GEORGE B;Pvt;14043986;INF;AT Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;277;;;

HIXON JOHN C;Pvt;34084153;ORD;454th Ord Co (Avn);27th Bomb Gp (L);V Bomb Cmd;389;;;

HOBBY JACKSON SCOTT;Pfc;291117;MAR;L Co 3rd Bn;4th Marine Regt;;435;;;

HOECHERL GEORGE;Pvt;19015778;INF;G Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;349;;;

HOGLUND EUGENE;Pfc;37025236;AMD;;194th Tank Bn;Prov Tank Gp;281;;;

HOLLINGSHEAD LARRY M;Cpl;277486;MAR;K Co 3rd Bn;4th Marine Regt;;126;;;

HOUSTON OTTIS G;Pvt;14014938;AC;48th Matl Sqdn;27th Bomb Gp (L);V Bomb Cmd;391;;;

HUBRECHT WILLIAM L;Pvt;19053137;MD;;Hosp #2;Phil Div;497;;;

HUNT RUFUS B;Pfc;6291482;INF;M Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;233;;;

HUTCHISON RONALD C;Pfc;19012770;INF;;;;271;;;

IMPSON THOMAS F;Pfc;7002670;AC;17th Bomb Sqdn;27th Bomb Gp (L);V Bomb Cmd;315;;;

ISKRA CHARLES;Pvt;38011961;CAC;C Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);;392;;;

JACKSON CLOYD WALTER;S2C;2834092;USN;;USS Canopus;Submarine Sqdn 20;72;;;

JAMES JOHN Huston;Cpl;18029146;CAC;Hq 3rd Bn;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;110;;;

JENKINS CHESTER T;Pvt;19000555;ORD;;;;280;;;

JENSEN LYLE HENRY;S Sgt;17011327;CAC;Hq;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;31;;;

JOHNSON EDWARD Julius;Pvt;16003960;CAC;D Btry;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;210;;;

JOHNSON FLOYD James;Sgt;38012345;CAC;A Btry;515th CA Regt (AA);;62;;;

JOHNSON OGLE T;Pvt;17014362;INF;B Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;211;;;

JOHNSON WALTER R;Cpl;20843729;CAC;F Btry;515th CA Regt (AA);;96;11 Apr 1945;Fk-17;

JOHNSTON LUCIUS FRANKLIN;Pfc;263941;MAR;A Co 1st Bn;4th Marine Regt;;443;;;

JONES SAM Hughie;Cpl;14029714;AC;;19th Bomb Gp (H);V Bomb Cmd;137;;;

JORDAN CHARLES B;Pvt;17014320;CAC;E Btry;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;212;;;

JUSTICE JAMES A;Sgt;6370811;AC;27th Matl Sqdn;20th Air Base Gp;FEAF;77;;;

KAMENDAT CHARLES;Pvt;16013430;CAC;K Btry;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;348;;;

KARPINSKI CHESTER;Cpl;6905609;AC ;;24th Purs Gp;V Intcp Cmd;97;;;

KASNER GERALD CASIMER;Pfc;7030349;CE;A Co;803rd Engr Bn (Avn);;245;;;

KEARNEY CLARENCE HENRY;Cpl;17018608;CAC;I Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;111;;;

KEIDEL ROY WESLEY;Pvt;19017470;CAC;2nd Bn;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;213;;;

KEILHOLZ ERVIN;Pfc;36203191;CAC;D Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);;157;;;

KER DONALD EDWARD;Pfc;19048331;FIN;20th Purs Sqdn;24th Purs Gp;V Intcp Cmd;316;;;

KHOURY DAVID JOSEPH JR;Pvt;19054339;CAC;L Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;275;;;

KINDEL MERLE A;Pfc;38012037;CAC;A Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);;234;;;

KING GEORGE Richard;Pvt;6912416;AC ;19th Air Base Sqdn;20th Air Base Gp;FEAF;214;;;

KING HENRY Hughes;Pvt;18029989;AC;7th Matl Sqdn;19th Bomb Gp (H);V Bomb Cmd;347;;;

KING LEO L;Pfc;17002869;INF;G Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;317;;;

KIRCHOFF HERBERT J "Bud";S Sgt;20600412;INF;B Co;192nd Tank Bn;Prov Tank Gp;335;;;to Fk-01 date unknown

KLISS JOHN STEVEN JR;Pfc;279726;MAR;I Co 3rd Bn;4th Marine Regt;;436;;;

KNIGHT WILLIAM N;Pvt;6983666;CAC;H Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;253;20 May 1945;Fk-01;to Fk-01 date unknown

KOBERT OWEN RICHARD;Pfc;6580582;AC;;;;190;;;

KOLATSKY THOMAS;Sgt;6141095;CAC;D Btry;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;81;;;

KOLECZEK JOHN;Pvt;35020339;INF;Hq Co;192nd Tank Bn;Prov Tank Gp;176;;;

KORCZYK STANLEY P;S Sgt;6976809;AC ;Hq & Hq Sqdn;20th Air Base Gp;FEAF;35;;;

KULCZEWSKI EDMOND D "Kolt";Pvt;6592466;AC;17th Bomb Sqdn;27th Bomb Gp (L);V Bomb Cmd;1634;;;given #479 transferred out.  On return assigned #1634.

KUSHNER JACK J;Pvt;32008687;;A Co;803rd Engr Bn (Avn);;395;;;

KYLER STANLEY H;Pvt;20523482;INF;Hq Co;192nd Tank Bn;Prov Tank Gp;478;;;

LAMMON FRANCIS ALVIN;Cpl;278981;MAR;L Co 3rd Bn;4th Marine Regt;;127;;;

LANGLEY ALFRED R;Pfc;20645265;INF;Hq Co;192nd Tank Bn;Prov Tank Gp;246;;;

LANGSTON ROBERT R;Cpl;18042334;CAC;;;;416;;;to Fk-01 date unknown

LAVENDER DICK M;Pfc;6587298;AC;;;;461;;;

LAWSON JOSEPH FORD;1st Sgt;6566147;CAC;Hq Btry 1st Bn;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;21;;;

LEE JOHN WILSON;S1C;2238954;USN;;USS Canopus;Submarine Sqdn 20;419;;;

LEE OWEN Reed;Cpl;19044323;INF;L Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;412;;;

LEE ROBERT E;Pvt;6264869;INF;;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;385;;;

LEE WILLIAM D;Pfc;14011931;AC ;Hq & Hq Sqdn;27th Bomb Gp (L);V Bomb Cmd;158;;;transferred to another camp then back

LEHNUS VIRGIL C;S Sgt;17002368;CE;;USAFFE Eng VM Force;;23;;;

LEWIS IRA Frankln;Pvt;18034816;AC;;;;355;;;

LEWIS JACK Spratt "Jackass";Sgt;20842460;CAC;Hq Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);;53;;;

LILLEY WILLIAM;Sgt;6890943;QMC;;;;63;;;

LITTLE EDWARD NEAL;LT;63373;USN;;Cavite Naval Yard;16th Naval Distr;3;;;Camp 17 Mess Officer--nickname "Sukoshi Dono" Honorable Little

LLOYD JOEL;1st Sgt;6274992;CWS;;7th Chem Co (Avn);;20;;;

LOFGREN MALCOLM D;Cpl;37091173;MD;Hq;Phil Dept;;138;;;

LOPEZ LUIS;Pfc;38012379;CAC;D Btry;515th CA Regt (AA);;462;;;

LOVATO FRANK N;Cpl;20842589;CAC;Hq Btry 1st Bn;200th CA Regt (AA);;318;;;

LOVATO JUAN Seaillo;Pvt;38012181;CAC;D Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);;480;;;

LUCAS MILO Herbert;Pvt;19058856;ORD;;75th Ord Co (Depot);;177;;;

LUCERO NATIVIDAD J;Pvt;38012636;CAC;A Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);unknown;;;to Fk-01 Main date unknown

LUJAN JIMMIE;S Sgt;20844121;CAC;H Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);;32; 1 Sep 1945;Fk-17;

LUTON KENNETH Wilson;Pvt;18029935;AC ;7th Matl Sqdn;19th Bomb Gp (H);V Bomb Cmd;482;;;

MABERRY MAX P;Pfc;19018506;AC;20th Purs Sqdn;24th Purs Gp;V Intcp Cmd;463;;;

MAC DONALD JACK Malcolm;Pfc;19012332;AC;2nd Obsn Sqdn;27th Bomb Gp (L);V Bomb Cmd;272;;;

MACE DON E;Sgt;6581194;CAC;L Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;48;;;

MAESTAS MANUEL;Pfc;18029139;CAC;C Btry;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;465;;;

MAMEROW JOHN R;Capt;O&276134;AGD;Hq;Phil Dept;;1;;;to Mukden 25 Apr 45 nickname "Honest John"

MANSELL GEORGE JR;Pvt;18003427;ORD;;745th Ord Co (Avn);;145;;;

MANSON MARTIN Arnold;S Sgt;6937060;CE;Hq Co;803rd Engr Bn (Avn);;33;;;

MARLAR EDMOND A;Pfc;19012416;INF;G Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;unknown;;;to Fk-01 Main date unknown

MARTIN ROBERT James;Cpl;20600452;INF;B Co;192nd Tank Bn;Prov Tank Gp;98;;;

MARTINAT WALTER E;Pvt;14021883;MD;48th Matl Sqdn;27th Bomb Gp (L);V Bomb Cmd;296;;;

MARTINEZ LUCIANO;Pvt;38011198;CAC;G Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);;365;;;

MASSINGILL HARVEY LEE;CQM;3553495;USN;;USS Canopus;Submarine Sqdn 20;12;;;

MASTERS CEDRIC E JR;Cpl;19013532;AC;34th Purs Sqdn;24th Purs Gp;V Intcp Cmd;112;;;

MAY JOHN W;Cpl;38011962;CAC;E Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);;139;;;

MC CAFFERTY EUGENE Lester;Pfc;19018373;AC ;7th Matl Sqdn;19th Bomb Gp (H);V Bomb Cmd;159;;;

MC CLINTOCK DOMONY (Dominick?);Pvt;18048999;INF;E Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;178;;;

MC CONNELL WILBUR Robert;Pvt;19002564;ORD;693rd Ord Co (Avn);24th Purs Gp;V Intcp Cmd;179;;;

MC CORMICK ROBERT N;Pvt;6292938;MD;;;;448;;;

MC DERMOTT NORMAN Jacklin;Pfc;19045910;SC;;228th Sig Opns Co;;236;;;

MC KINNEY WALTER Lewis;Pvt;18038743;CAC;I Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;352;;;

MC KNIGHT THOMAS W;Pfc;33026306;ORD;;;;413;;;

MC PHAIL ROY O;Pvt;18038790;CAC;L Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;215;;;

MC YNTRE DONALD W;Pvt;18051622;ORD;;;;353;;;

MEDINA JOE ABE;Cpl;20844158;CAC;H Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);;319;;;

MEISNER ALBERT H;Pvt;19002006;CAC;B Btry;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;403;;;

MENDOZA LOUIS Ortega;Pfc;20842521;CAC;Hq Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);;247;;;

MEYERS JOHNNY Sanford;Pfc;14014806;AC;16th Bomb Sqdn;27th Bomb Gp (L);V Bomb Cmd;451;;;

MICHAELS WILLIAM G;Pvt;6813244;CAC;;Ft Mills;Phil Dept;216;20 Apr 20 1945;Fk-17;

MILLER FRANK Victor;Sgt;6817306;INF;D Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;82;;;

MILLISON CLARENCE E;Pfc;17002548;INF;D Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;320;;;

MILON FRANK J;Pvt;6944638;INF;A Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;374;;;

MIRANDO PASQUALE P;Pfc;6983519;CAC;B Btry;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;237;12 Aug 1945;Fk-17;

MIZE EARNEST Lucius Jr;Pfc;7005797;CE;C Co;803rd Engr Bn (Avn);;295;;;

MOLENDA STEVE A;Pfc;268452;MAR;M Co 3rd Bn;4th Marine Regt;;437;;;

MONTGOMERY LESLIE C;Pvt;19052263;AC ;2nd Obsn Sqdn;27th Bomb Gp (L);V Bomb Cmd;396;;;

MONTOYA BEN;Cpl;20844182;CAC;H Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);;140;;;

MONTOYA HORACIO H;Pfc;20844143;CAC;H Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);;464;;;

MOON HARLEY RUSSELL;S1C;3602218;USN;;;;unknown;;;transferred 10 Dec 44;;

MOORE HENRY Issac;Pvt;38055396;CAC;D Btry;515th CA Regt (AA);;307;;;

MOREHEAD CHARLES;Pvt;14042408;CAC;Hq;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;351;30 Mar 30 1945;Fk-17;

MORGAN JACK D;Pvt;39377990;INF;L Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;254;;;

MORRIS GILBERT Comus;Pvt;6288980;QMC;;QM Det Ft. Wm McKinley;;354;;;

MOTLEY SHERMAN E;Pvt;6899531;CAC;A Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;376;;;

MOUTON GROVER E JR;Pfc;293343;MAR;K Co 3rd Bn;4th Marine Regt;;438;;;

MOYE HOLLAND O;ASTCK ;298246;MAR;Hq Co 2nd Bn;4th Marine Regt;;128;;;

MURDOCH ROBERT G;Pvt;19017715;SC;;V Intcp Cmd;FEAF;180;;;

MUTCHMORE VICTOR B;Pvt;15081831;INF;H Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;446;;;

NAVARDOS JUNIUS A;Pvt;19056528;CAC;G Btry;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;356;;;

NELSON CECIL Clovis;S Sgt;6383890;AC;21st Purs Sqdn;24th Purs Gp;V Intcp Cmd;40;1 Jul 1944;Fk-17;

NIESPODZIANY JOSEPH;Pvt;11019697;AC;;;;217;;;

NORRIS CARL;Pvt;19056621;INF;Hq Det 1st Bn;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;359;13 Aug 1944;Fk-17;

NORTH DONALD R;Pvt;18044247;AC;;;;407;;;

NOWAK ALOYSIUS W;Pfc;12002581;INF;H Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;288;;;

NUNN THOMAS HORACE "BUD";Sgt;20842689;CAC;A Btry;515th CA Regt (AA);;54;;;

NYTRA HARRY L;Sgt;6890934;ORD;698th Ord Co (Avn);27th Bomb Gp (L);V Bomb Cmd;64;;;

OBRIEN GEORGE W;Pvt;16021873;CAC;K Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;358;;;

OCONNELL JOSEPH H;Sgt;20645306;INF;Hq Co;192nd Tank Bn;Prov Tank Gp;57;;;to Fk-01 date unknown

ODDEN WILLIAM M;Pfc;279824;MAR;B Co 1st Bn;4th Marine Regt;;439;;;

OKONSKI JEROME E;Pvt;15017273;CAC;B Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;498;;;appendectomy on Clyde Maru

OLEARY HUMPHREY P JR;Pvt;10306789;INF;;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;393;;;

OLGUIN FAUSTINO;Cpl;20842726;CAC;A Btry;515th CA Regt (AA);;248;;;

OLMAN VINCENT J;Cpl;6886123;INF;Hq Det 3rd Bn;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;321;;;

OLMSTEAD ROBERT D;Pvt;19057042;CAC;M Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;290;;;

OLSON RICHARD H;Pfc;278027;MAR;F Co 2nd Bn;4th Marine Regt;;440;;;

ORBON STEVE;Sgt;6881117;INF;;;;78;;;

ORTEGA PETE;Cpl;208 3152;CAC;C Btry;515th CA Regt (AA);;99;;;

ORTIZ BENNY G;Pvt;38011990;CAC;A Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);;483;;;

OVERCASH ALTON V;Pfc;18038626;CAC;K Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;322;;;

OWENS HARLIN;Cpl;20943480;INF;;194th Tank Bn;Prov Tank Gp;323;;;

PACE JOEL W;Pfc;14054239;ORD;;;;249;;;

PATMAN LONNIE E;Pvt;18033939;INF;H Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;unknown;;;to Fk-04B Moji Jan 1945 probably via Fk-01 Main

PATTISON ELMORE W;Pvt;35021037;INF;B Co;192nd Tank Bn;Prov Tank Gp;218;;;

PAVLAKOS JAMES G;Pfc;274919;MAR;M Co 3rd Bn;4th Marine Regt;;129;25 Feb 1944;Fk-17;starved in camp guardhouse

PEPPER HERBERT E;Pfc;14049267;ORD;454th Ord Co (Avn);27th Bomb Gp (L);V Bomb Cmd;466;;;

PEPPLER ROBERT G;Pfc;6978286;QMC;;;;467;;;

PEREZ THEODORE Cruz;Pvt;18060076;CAC;E Btry;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;363;;;

PERKINS ROBERT M "Mort";2nd LT;O&890419;INF;K Co;51st Inf Regt (PA);51st Div (PA);8;;;to Mukden 25 Apr 45

PETERS JAMES ORVAL;S2C;3374928;USN;;;;421;;;

PETERSEN JOHN Andrew;Cpl;19018481;SC;;429th Sig Maint Co;;113;;;

PETRIE WAYNE J;Cpl;19006156;AC;2nd Obsn Sqdn;27th Bomb Gp (L);V Bomb Cmd;100;;;

PHILLIPS DREW L;Pvt;6383892;INF;Svc Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;191;;;

PIETROPOLO JOHN;Pvt;32045158;;Hq Co;803rd Engr Bn (Avn);;404;;;

POLLOCK LLOYD SAMUEL;Pvt;19004251;AC;7th Matl Sqdn;19th Bomb Gp (H);V Bomb Cmd;484;;;

POPE DALE;Pfc;18050050;CAC;1st Bn;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;324;;;

PORTER RAYMOND E;Pfc;18043077;ORD;;680th Ord Co (Avn);;192;;;

PRENDERGAST SHERIDAN A;Pvt;16008537;CAC;M Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;445;;;

PRICE CARL H;Sgt;6380394;AC;21st Purs Sqdn;24th Purs Gp;V Intcp Cmd;65;;;

PRICE THOMAS;S2C;2660322;USN;;USS Canopus;Submarine Sqdn 20;422;;;

PRICE WILLIAM Gene;Cpl;273210;MAR;Svc Co;4th Marine Regt;;130;;;

PROFF HAROLD PHILIP;1st LT;O&420063;MD;;Hosp #1;;5;;;

QUINTANA ANTONIO;Pvt;38012135;CAC;G Btry;515th CA Regt (AA);;364;;;

REDSHAW WARD FULLERr;Pfc;19017707;INF;;228th Sig Opns Co;;238;;;

REED HENRY Lee;Pvt;6298017;AC;Hq & Hq Sqdn;19th Bomb Gp (H);V Bomb Cmd;181;;;

REEMS WILLIE;Pfc;279246;MAR;F Co 2nd Bn;4th Marine Regt;;441;;;

RHATIGAN MARVIN EDWARD;Cpl;6297811;AC;Hq & Hq Sqdn;19th Bomb Gp (H);V Bomb Cmd;141;;;

RICE KENNETH BERNE;Cpl;271366;MAR;Hq Co 2nd Bn;4th Marine Regt;;131;;;

RICHARDSON HAROLD LAVERNE;MM2C;3213189;USN;;USS Napa;Inshore Patrol;37;;;

RICHARDSON JAMES WILLIAM;Cpl;18001646;CAC;I Btry;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;114;;;

RIDLEY HOWARD LEWIS;Cpl;18051684;ORD;;;;120;;;

RINEHART WILLARD CARLTON;Pfc;18016845;CAC;K Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;325;;;

RIVERA GAVINO "Gabby";Cpl;20843156;CAC;C Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);;101;;;

ROBICHAUX ELWOOD;Pvt;14025351;ORD;440th Ord Co (Avn);19th Bomb Gp (H);V Bomb Cmd;263;;;

ROCKWELL REUBEN;Sgt;38011973;CAC;Hq Btry 2nd Bn;515th CA Regt (AA);;55;;;

RODRIGUEZ MANUEL Moren;Pvt;18043877;AC;28th Matl Sqdn;20th Air Base Gp;FEAAF;182;21 Dec 1943;Fk-17;

ROGERS LAURENCE LESLIE;S Sgt;6291109;AC;;;;26;;;

ROMAINE OWEN W "Sandy";1st LT;O&434716;AC;28th Bomb Sqdn;19th Bomb Gp (H);V Bomb Cmd;9;;;to Mukden 25 Apr 45

ROMERO AMADO;Pfc;38012252;CAC;D Btry;515th CA Regt (AA);;193;;;

ROMERO ARISTOTEL SILVA;Pvt;38011881;CAC;G Btry;515th CA Regt (AA);;219;;;

ROMERO EUGENIO Max;Pfc;38012604;CAC;C Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);;193;;;to Fk-01 Main date unknown

ROSTER JOHN F;Pfc;290065;MAR;Hq Co 3rd Bn;4th Marine Regt;;453;;;

ROWLAND COHEN THOMAS;Pfc;14039331;INF;D Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;239;;;

ROWLAND CRESTON H JR;Pfc;14039326;CAC;B Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;115;;;

RUBA MATHIAS MICHAEL;Pfc;17003884;CAC;C Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;142;;;

RUSSELL JOHN Lewis;Pvt;17014215;CAC;A Btry;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;255;;;

RUTH PHILIP NICHOLAS;CTM;3929843;USN;;Cavite Naval Yard;16th Naval Distr;13;;;

RUTKOWSKI CHARLES;Sgt;6142379;SC;Air Warning Svc Co;V Intcp Cmd;FEAF;46;;;

SABBOTA ISADORE;Cpl;36106669;CAC;D Btry;515th CA Regt (AA);;102;;;

SADLER JOHN E;Sgt;20523449;INF;D Co;192nd Tank Bn;Prov Tank Gp;66;;;

SALAZAR LEONARDO M;Pvt;38054815;CAC;G Btry;515th CA Regt (AA);;220;27 Jul 1945;Fk-17;

SALLEE HEZE F;Pvt;20523493;INF;D Co;192nd Tank Bn;Prov Tank Gp;381;9 Jun 1944;Fk-17;

SALTER THEODORA A;Pfc;17014148;CAC;K Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;327;;;

SAMPI KENNETH C;Pvt;19011332;INF;L Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;343;;;

SANDERS HOUSTON W;WOJG;W2101192;MAC;Station Hosp;Ft Mills;HDM&SB;10;;;

SANDOVAL LARRY R;Pfc;20842595;CAC;Hq Btry 1st Bn;515th CA Regt (AA);;250;;;

SAVINI FRANK J;Pvt;12011207;INF;;H Co;31st Inf Regt (US);unk;Phil Div;;to Fk-04 Moji Jan 45 probably via Fuk-01 Main

SAYAN RUSSELL D;S Sgt;19048332;AC;20th Purs Sqdn;24th Purs Gp;V Intcp Cmd;29;;;

SCHASZBERGER Clifford W;Pvt;13030296;AC;Hq & Hq Sqdn;19th Bomb Gp (H);V Bomb Cmd;485;;;

SCHNITZER ALFRED J;Pvt;33041655;CE;A Co;803rd Engr Bn (Avn);;183;;;

SCHOLTEN ROBERT EDWARD;Pvt;13023301;CAC;I Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;486;;;

SCHRAWYER NORMAN LLOYD;Pvt;19016750;MP;K Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;287;;;

SCHROCK JAMES K;Pfc;13002475;INF;A Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;240;;;

SCHULMAN SAMUEL S;Cpl;6976100;AC;28th Bomb Sqdn;19th Bomb Gp (H);V Bomb Cmd;116;;;

SCHWARTZ SOLOMON;Pvt;13027980;AC;34th Purs Sqdn;24th Purs Gp;V Intcp Cmd;256;;;

SEITZ WILLIAM C;Pfc;19017433;INF;I Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;328;;;

SENA LOUIS ABRAM;Pvt;20843122;CAC;C Btry;515th CA Regt (AA);;366;;;

SHAUGHNESSY PAUL JOHN;Pvt;19056412;CAC;C Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;338;;;

SHAW VIRGIL;S1C;3372286;USN;;;;423;;;

SHIPLEY RAYMOND WARD;Pvt;6998811;ORD;;;;221;;;

SILVA AGAPITO G;Cpl;20843344;CAC;D Btry;515th CA Regt (AA);;103;;;

SILVA JESUS MARIA;Cpl;20843162;CAC;C Btry;515th CA Regt (AA);;121;;;

SILVA JOE RAYMOND;Pvt;38012635;CAC;A Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);;222;;;

SIMMONS WALLACE DAVID;Pfc;19010841;INF;E Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;160;;;

SIMS LELAND W;Pfc;6970849;AC;Hq & Hq Sqdn;27th Bomb Gp (L);V Bomb Cmd;341;;;

SLAGLE HARRY J;Pvt;6923543;CAC;E Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;373;;;

SLOAN WILLIAM COMER JR;Pfc;14056807;SC;;;;329;;;

SMALLWOOD JAMES GARLIN;Pvt;13015232;SC;Air Warning Svc Co;V Intcp Cmd;FEAF;390;;;

SMITH HAROLD THOMAS;Pvt;18023614;CAC;E Btry;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;408;;;

SMITH WILEY ANCIL;Sgt;6383996;AC;Hq & Hq Sqdn;27th Bomb Gp (L);V Bomb Cmd;67;;;

SMITH WILLIAM LLOYD;Pfc;6930104;MP;;;;411;;;

SMULEWICZ JOSEPH;Pvt;11017601;AC;Hq & Hq Sqdn;24th Purs Gp;V Intcp Cmd;487;;;

SOFIE ANTHONY;Pvt;32063689;CE;Hq Co;803rd Engr Bn (Avn);;405;;;

SOMMERLUND WILLIAM HERMAN;Pvt;36206289;INF;A Co;192nd Tank Bn;Prov Tank Gp;284;;;to Fk-01 date unknown


SOUTHWELL EARL W;Cpl;19056394;CAC;C Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;89;;;

SPEARS IVEY M;Pfc;19056269;CAC;Hq 1st Bn;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;161;;;

SPENCER GEORGE W;Pvt;19020894;CAC;;;;unknown;;;to Fk-04B Moji Jan 1945 probably via Fk-01 Main

STACY JAMES CLIFFORD;Pvt;17014736;INF;H Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;223;;;

STARNES FRED CHARLES;Pfc;20843977;CAC;G Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);;380;;;

STAUNTON HARRY GROVER;Pvt;6070067;INF;Svc Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;224;;;

STEEL CHARLIE HAROLD;Pvt;38020910;INF;Hq Co;192nd Tank Bn;Prov Tank Gp;184;;;

STEELE RICHARD WARD;Pfc;19019912;AC;2nd Obsn Sqdn;27th Bomb Gp (L);V Bomb Cmd;330;;;

STEINBRECHER WILLIAM F;Pfc;38384;MAR;D Co 1st Bn;4th Marine Regt;;442;;;

STENSEN BYRON WARD;Cpl;19030182;SC;;409th Sig Co (Avn);;117;;;

STRICKLAND JESSE CALHOUN;Pfc;14049060;ORD;454th Ord Co (Avn);27th Bomb Gp (L);V Bomb Cmd;499;;;

SUAZO THOMAS DENNIS;Pvt;38012067;CAC;E Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);;368;;;

SULLIVAN JOHN WILLIAM;Pvt;14060759;INF;H Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;185;;;

SUTTIE STANLEY GORDON;Pvt;20900752;INF;;194th Tank Bn;Prov Tank Gp;339;;;

SUTTON RAYMOND;Pfc;18050420;CAC;E Btry;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;345;;;

SWAIN DIXON HERBERT;Pfc;262450;MAR;E Co 2nd Bn;4th Marine Regt;;444;;;

SWEENEY WILBURN JAMES;Pvt;18050391;INF;H Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;370;;;

SYRINEK FRANK;Pfc;38029436;CAC;F Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);;488;;;

SZCZEPANSKI JOSEPH LEON;Pfc;6897719;AC;Hq & Hq Sqdn;20th Air Base Gp;FEAF;194;;;

TAFOYA EDDIE A  (Mansell has Tafoya Allen Edward "Eddie");Pfc;20843164;CAC;C Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);;468;;;

TALMADGE WILLIAM N;Pvt;10306783;INF;A Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;270;;;

TASSEY JOHN R JR;S Sgt;6844983;AC;3rd Purs Sqdn;24th Purs Gp;V Intcp Cmd;27;;;

TAYLOR ALBERT L;Pfc;18048729;INF;G Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;251;;;

TAYLOR LUIS;Pvt;38012196;CAC;H Btry;515th CA Regt (AA);;489;8 Aug 8 1945;Fk-17;

TAYLOR RALPH A;Cpl;270228;MAR;M Co 3rd Bn;4th Marine Regt;;132;;;

TEAFF FREDDIE E;Cpl;18050017;CAC;B Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;104;;;

TENENBERG LESTER I;Pvt;20600429;INF;B Co;192nd Tank Bn;Prov Tank Gp;264;;;

THACKER PAUL A;Pvt;13032860;INF;F Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;490;;;

THOMAS GRANT S;Pvt;13025094;AC;Hq & Hq Sqdn;19th Bomb Gp (H);V Bomb Cmd;225;;;

THOMPSON WILSON S;Pfc;14037515;ORD;454th Ord Co (Avn);27th Bomb Gp (L);V Bomb Cmd;469;;;

TIMMONS WALLACE L;Sgt;16003844;CAC;G Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;79;;;

TISDELLE Achille C JR "Tis";Capt;O&346043;CAV;Hq (Aide/Gen King);Luzon Force;;2;;;to Mukden 25 Apr 45

TOKARZ JOHN W;Pvt;11009239;AC;454th Ord Co (Avn);27th Bomb Gp (L);V Bomb Cmd;340;;;

TOMES JESSIE F;Pfc;6657926;SC;;228th Sig Opns Co;;379;;;

TOMLIN THOMAS D;Pfc;14042331;INF;;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;344;;;

TRANTHAM GARLIN L;Pfc;14045140;CAC;G Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;235;;;

TRESCH ALBERT F;Pvt;19017802;INF;E Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;unknown;;;to Fk-01 Main date unknown

TRENT ROY M;S Sgt;6372097;INF;F Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;30;;;

TRUE JOE W;S Sgt;6274798;AC;;;;28;;;

TYBURSKI JAMES J;Pvt;33007417;CE;Hq Co;803rd Engr Bn (Avn);;369;;;

TYLER OSCAR L JR;Pvt;11029400;AC;91st Bomb Sqdn;27th Bomb Gp (L);V Bomb Cmd;298;24 Mar 24 1944;Fk-17;

VAILLANCOURT Joseph A;Pvt;11030504;CAC;A Btry;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;375;;;

VAN BLAIR BERNARD CHARLES;Cpl;254184;MAR;I Co 3rd Bn;4th Marine Regt;;133;;;

VANDERLIP RICHARD J;Pfc;6983540;CAC;F Btry;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;unknown;;;to Fk-01 Main date unknown

VANN BENNIE W;Pvt;18042221;CAC;I Btry;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;294;;;

VANOVER ELMER L;Pfc;38011932;CAC;B Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);;252;;;

VAUGHN EUGENE C;Pfc;38011960;CAC;A Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);;382;;;Broke back in coal mine. 

VIALLARREAL VIRGINIO;Pvt;38055633;CAC;Hq;515th CA Regt (AA);unknown;;;to Fk-01 Main date unknown

VOELCKER JAMES;Pvt;18048942;CAC;C Btry;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;371;;;

VOSS CLETUS J;Pvt;6932513;CAC;E Btry;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;297;;;

WALKER ALFRED M;S Sgt;6288575;AC;48th Matl Sqdn;27th Bomb Gp (L);V Bomb Cmd;41;;;

WALL JAMES R Jr.;Cpl;19020041;ORD;698th Ord Co (Avn);27th Bomb Gp (L);V Bomb Cmd;122;;;

WATSON BRUCE EZRA;S1C;3211868;USN;;;;73;;;

WEBER JOHN JOSEPH;S1C;2833393;USN;;;;74;;;

WHEELER JACK C;M SGT;19032824;DML;Deml Det;Phil Dept;;24;;;

WHITLOCK LOUIS H;Pvt;33060193;;H Btry;515th CA Regt (AA);;286;;;

WHITMIRE OSCAR L;Pfc;17010052;INF;G Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;378;;;

WILBUR CHARLES R;Pvt;1561996;SC;Air Warning Svc Co;V Intcp Cmd;FEAF;492;;;

WILLARD LOUIS A;MM3C;3213734;USN;;USS Quail;Mine Div 8;424;;;

WILLHELM LESTER (Wilhelm?);Pvt;18063181;QMC;;QM Det Ft. Wm McKinley;;398;;;

WILLIAMS EARL M;Cpl;6965941;INF;;Phil Div;;118;;;

WILLIS HARRY K;CGM;3414611;USN;;;;14;;;

WILSON GERALD A;Cpl;6263288;AC;28th Matl Sqdn;20th Air Base Gp;FEAF;90;;;

WILSON ROBERT Archie;Pfc;19030350;CAC;A Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;144;;;

WILSON WILLIAM H;Pvt;7000157;QMC;;;;187;;;

WISE JAMES ORAN;S1C;3813267;USN;;;;425;;;

WOLF SIDNEY R;Cpl;36106767;CAC;Hq Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);;105;;;

WOLLACK RAYMOND J;Cpl;266875;MAR;H Co 2nd Bn;4th Marine Regt;;134;;;

WOODRUFF RICHARD A;Sgt;6832776;CAC;C Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;49;;;

WYNN WILLIAM W JR;Cpl;6967982;INF;;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;91;;;

YELLEN FRANK F;Pvt;12011221;INF;H Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;337;;;

YEOMANS LEO CURTIS;Pfc;6391153;CAC;Hq 2nd Bn;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;unknown;;;to Fk-01 Main date unknown

YOCOM JOHN H;T Sgt;6376690;CAC;G Btry;60th CA Regt (AA);HDM&SB;15;;;

YODER JOHN EDWARD;SF3C;3214363;USN;;;;75;;;

YOUNG SAMMIE L;Pvt;18040699;AC;7th Matl Sqdn;19th Bomb Gp (H);V Bomb Cmd;226;;;

YOVETICH JOHN M;Pfc;19019714;CAC;;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;162;;;

ZERGMAN WALTER EDWARD;MM2C;2999626;USN;;USS Canopus;Submarine Sqdn 20;38;;;

ZIMMERMANN WILLIAM E JR;Sgt;6973893;MD;;Hosp #2;;83;;;

ZUMAR WILLIAM A;Pvt;18052542;CAC;E Btry;59th CA Regt;HDM&SB;188;;;

ZYNDA RAYMOND A;Sgt;19002569;CWS;;;;unknown;;;to Fk-09 Miyata date unknown

Copyright 2009-2010 by James W. Erickson

Notes and Corrections to previous versions of the roster

The first 5 men listed below were previously reported as possibly being on Clyde Maru but are now known to have traveled on different ships.  Wilson, James B was mistakenly placed on the previous version of the Clyde Maru roster--he was actually aboard Canadian Inventor (Sekiho Maru).  "Kolt, Edmond Donald" was how Kulchzewski, Edmond D. was referred to in camp, thus the separate entry for Kolt has been removed.

Name;Rank;Svc #;Branch;Subsidiary unit;Assigned Unit;Parent Unit;Fk-17 camp#;death date;death place;Notes

ANDERSON THOMAS JEFFERSON;Cpl;18009674;MC; ; ; ;ship not identified but not Clyde Maru; ; ;Fuk-03-Kokura

SCHLINGLOFF HOWARD Iden;S Sgt;6245163;CE;C Co;803rd Engr Bn (Avn);on Nissyo Maru;15-Dec-44;Fk-01; 

SMITH WILLIAM Delton "Tony";Sgt;38011984;CAC;A Btry;200th CA Regt (AA);on Nissyo Maru; ; ;Fk-07-Futase Fk-23_Kiesen

PORTER LOUIS Herman;Pfc;282203;MAR;M Co 3rd Bn;4th Marine Regt;on Taga Maru; ; ;Os-06B-Akenobe & Os-04D-Sakurajima

REA EVERETT J;S Sgt;32033140;CE;B Co;803rd Engr Bn (Avn);on Nissyo Maru; ; ;Fk-08B-Inatsuka

WILSON JAMES B;Pvt;17016387;INF;K Co;31st Inf Regt (US);Phil Div;on Canadian Inventor (Sekiho Maru);;;

Kolt Edmond Donald;;;;;;;479;;;  (on various Fk-17 rosters but as a synonym for KULCZEWSKI EDMOND D "Kolt")