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Getting Started for School Year 2013 - 14
The primary NEW topic this year is the elimination of the mid-term and final exams and the incorporation of Quarterly Assessments in each marking period. By district policy, the quarterly assessments are to be 20% of each marking period grade. Click this link for a tutorial on the new grading rule setup for this year.

Older videos - many will still be applicable.
A series of short (less than 5 minutes each) video tutorials have been created to refresh your memory or training on how to set up and use PowerSchool Gradebook.  Click on the links below for each tutorial (the tutorials were made last year and may reference the 2010-12 school year.  Adjust accordingly since nothing has changed):
 - When you open your Gradebook for the first time, it may show the classes for last year. If that is the case, you should have a pane on the top left of your Gradebook titled Classes. Use the pull-down error to scroll through the class years and select the 2011-2012 School Year. You should only have to do this once and should retain the selection.
          Generate Class Roster Printouts

- If your grading methodology is Total Points system, go to the next video, if you use a Weighted Category system, watch this video on Initial Setup - Programming Category Weights
- Now that you are setup, you are ready to enter student grades. That involves two steps:
     1) defining assignments (items that get graded - homework, quizzes, tests, projects, papers, class participation, etc). View: Creating Assignments
     2) entering student scores for each assignment.  View Entering Student Scores.
Gradebook automates the calculation of student marking period and final grades. These calculations are updated automatically each time a student score is entered or changed.
If you find these tutorials useful and desire tutorials on additional topics, please use the link on the left of this page to Submit a Question.
Generating Individual Student Grade Reports

(This tutorial is from last year. Once the parent portal is activated you should not need to generate these reports since students and parents can generate their own reports.) You may wish to generate a report for each student showing all their assignment grades. I give this to my students a few times per marking period. Additionally, if you have a parent conference you may want to generate a report for a particular student. Sometimes, I save the report as a PDF file and email to a parent. Click on this link for the procedure to Create Individual Student Grade Reports.

Finalizing Marking Period Grades:

After you have entered all of your assignments and scores for the marking period, there are only a couple steps needed to finalize the grades for the report cards. View the tutorial: Finalizing Marking Period Grades for the steps required. Also added is a tutorial: Marking Period Grade Reports that you can use to generate a printout of the marking period grades either for your records or to post in your classroom.

If you have not yet entered any grades into Gradebook, you need to create one assignment for each class for your marking period grade. You can set the assignment up to enter a letter grade (and Gradebook will assign the default numerical grade for that letter) or you can enter the actual number grade (%) if you have that calculated. The type of entry you make is decided when you create the assignment. See tutorial Creating Assignments. Once you have created the assignment for each class you enter a grade for each student. See tutorial Entering Student Scores. After entering all the grades you must finallize your grades as specified in the paragraph above.


Special circumstances:
If a student is getting an Incomplete, you need to use the manual override feature to enter the "I" for incomplete in the "final grade column". Rignt-click on the student's final grade for the marking period and click on Show Score Inspector. Check Manual override, enter a percent of 0, and select the Grade I from the pull-down menu.
If a student is exempt from a grade for the marking period and earned a NM (No mark), we cannot enter NM in the system since it will be treated as a 0 for the final year course grade. The grade (both Percent and Letter) in the Final Grade Column must be left blank. If no grades have been entered for the student, then that is what you should have. If you have entered grades for part of the marking period before the student became exempt you will need to see me on how to fix that situation.

Entering Progress Reports
A new tutorial was added on the procedure to enter progress reports including sorting the codes into numerical order. Click on the link Entering Progress Reports Tutorial
To view the "Step-by-step instruction sheets" that are available, click here.
 (Some of these sheets are from earlier years and may need updates)