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AP MD5 0.1 Download

AP MD5 0.2 Download

AP MD5 1.0 Download  

Other Downloads 

7-Zip Download 

This page contains the downloads for All Purpose MD5.  Keep in  mind, at this stage, the software is alpha and comes with no warranty.  Use caution when using this software.

You may choose the zipped archive version or the installer version.  Regardless, included are the following files: 

  • apmd5.jar (main jar file)
  • swt.jar (contains all swt widgets)
  • apmd5_properties.jar
  • swt-awt-win32-3232.dll
  • swt-gdip-win32-3232.dll
  • swt-wgl-win32-3232.dll
  • swt-win32-3232.dll
  • gpl.txt (GNU General Public License)
  • info.txt (additional infor about apmd5)
  • src Folder (contains all the source code)
  • properties Folder (contains 4 properties files)
  • *Uninstaller folder (contains the uninstaller)

To use the software, simply unzip the archive using 7-zip into a folder you would like this software to live or double-click the installer jar and follow the steps in the wizard.  Simple double-click on apmd5.jar to launch the application.  Alternatively, you may execute this program via the command line.  Browse to the directory the unzipped files live and issue the following command:

    java -jar apmd5.jar

This command has been tested on Windows and may  not work on other OS's due to enviornment configurations.

*only in the installer version