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All Purpose MD5 is a fast and easy to use MD5 calculator and tester

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All Purpose MD5 was born out of frustration of a lack of good MD5 tester that will be able to create and test MD5 sums quickly and easily.  After I download Knoppix or Ubuntu, I want to be able to check the integrity of the download easily and not search endlessly looking for a program to just see if it is the same MD5 or not. 

Open Source Software gives you the piece of mind that nothing funny is going on in the background. No spyware, no virus, no funny business. How can we prove it, look at the code! 

All Purpose MD5 was created using Java, SWT, Eclipse, Subclipse and SWT Designer (Free Edition). 

Currently, I am testing the application while documenting test cases. 

 If you want to use the software, please see the GNU General Public License. Included in all distributions, is the license. 

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