Distance Learning

-  This website connects you DIRECTLY to  PowerSchool/PowerTeacher Training Videos related to your school position!
-  These videos (@ 3-5 minutes in length) are on specific topics from PowerSource, the knowledge-base website for PowerSchool & PowerTeacher.
 To Access a Video:
1)  Click on the appropriate school position (on the left) and then the web-link of the video you are interested in viewing; 
2)  On the PowerSource login page enter:
      -   your RPS email address, and
      -   your PowerSource password you received via email  from PowerSource or which you created. 
      -   If you  forget your password, click on forgot my password, and enter your RPS email address;  you will either receive another password via email
           from PowerSource or it will allow you to create a password. 
Note that Teachers are only on PowerTeacherall other positions listed are on PowerSchool.
      -  You can learn additional tasks and functionality in PowerSchool by clicking on other school positions.
      -  As new videos are produced periodically by PowerSource they will be added to the appropriate school positions and listed below
          under Recent Announcements.
 Any questions regarding these training videos email  Jim Sicuso at: jsicuso@reverek12.org