Power Players

Becoming a Power Player does not require extraordinary talent or performance ability.  All you need is a desire to learn, experiment and explore the possibilities of the amazing Rodgers/Roland organs that are the subject of the Guide.  With a little curiosity and imagination, you can be a Power Player!

Why would you want to be a Power Player?
Beyond the personal satisfaction you will feel, Power Players are redefining and expanding the role of the organist in modern worship and on the concert stage.  With the versatility that comes from mastering the tonal capabilities of a Rodgers/Roland organ, Power Players are inspiring congregations in thriving churches, thrilling concert audiences, and reaching new levels of personal enjoyment at home—and keeping the organ relevant in the modern world of music.

Power Players aren’t worried about the future of the organ—they derive confidence from their ability to use the power of the modern organ to greatest effect.  This book reveals the simple secrets to becoming a Power Player.  How far you take it is limited only by your creativity and imagination.

Throughout the Power Player's Guide we feature Tips & Tricks from a variety of Power Players.  We are grateful to the following Power Players for their contribution of ideas and time to helping make the Power Player's Guide such a useful and practical resource:

Hector Olivera

Hector Olivera
Concert Artist

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Fred Swann

Dr. Fred Swann
Organ Artist-in-Residence, St. Margarets Episcopal Church, Palm Springs CA
Concert Artist

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Frances Nobert

Dr. Frances Nobert
Professor Emerita of Music, Whittier College, Whittier CA
Concert Artist

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Bob Tall

Dr. Robert Tall
President, Robert Tall & Associates, Inc.
Concert Artist

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Christoph Bull

Dr. Christoph Bull
Artist in Residence, First Congregational Church Los Angeles
Professor of Organ, University of California Los Angeles

Concert Artist

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Bob Salisbury

Bob Salisbury
Organist, United Church of the Desert, Palm Desert CA
Concert Artist

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Dan Miller

Dan Miller
Product Manager, Rodgers Instruments, Inc.
Concert Artist & Composer

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Jung-A Lee
Dr. Jung-A Lee
Organist, St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Newport Beach CA
Organ Professor, Biola University, La Mirada CA
Chair, Music Mission International
Concert Artist

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