About the Guide

Why read this Guide?

  • Discover how to easily use the other 80%+ tonal resources that are “hidden” in your Rodgers/Roland organ
  • Understand how to use combination memory to unlock the full tonal possibilities of your Rodgers/Roland organ
  • Master the methods and strategies for using and managing external memory
  • Learn advanced tonal voicing techniques and tricks to create registrations of infinite variety

Imagine having an enormous pipe organ at your disposal but only using the same 15% to 20% of the stops all the time—you would be missing out on the majority of the tonal color and variety the organ has to offer.

To use only the stops as marked on the stop tabs or drawknobs ignores over 80% of the tonal resources your Rodgers/Roland organ provides.  The effective use of these resources is what distinguishes Power Players from others.

The Power Player’s Guide reveals the secrets for using all of the tonal resources available in the Rodgers Infinity, Artist and Classic Series organs--click here for a complete list of models.  This unprecedented power and control is why Rodgers/Roland organs are increasingly the choice of professional and concert organists worldwide.

With a few simple techniques you will unlock an unlimited universe of tonal color and creativity built in to every Rodgers/Roland organ.  Through easy-to-understand explanations and illustrated examples, you’ll learn how to use these features at basic and advanced levels. Click here to see the complete Table of Contents.

Who should read this Guide?
  • Church organists looking to enrich their worship music program, particularly where there is a need to support multiple musical styles
  • Organ students learning organ repertoire on a Rodgers/Roland organ
  • Organ committee members tasked with selecting the organ that will best support their worship music program (Hint: Chapter 1 tells you everything you need to know)
  • Concert artists seeking to enliven their repertoire with appropriate and subtlely colorful registrations
  • Any organist who wants to enjoy the full value of a Rodgers/Roland organ

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