openPOWERLINK porting on the STM32F107 microcontroller
This site is a front end to a project made by Massimo Trubia ( and Alessio Tognazzolo ( for taking their degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Catania (Italy).
The matter of the project is the porting of an open-source implementation of the industrial communication profile Ethernet POWERLINK (openPOWERLINK) on a microcontroller produced by ST Microelectronics (STM32F107). openPOWERLINK runs on the open source real-time kernel FreeRTOS.
In order to deploy the demo application (POWERLINK network with 2 CNs and a MN) that you can find into the download section, you need:

-2 STM3210C-EVAL boards for runnign CNs
-1 PC with WinPCAP installed for running the MN
-1 hub to connect the devices
-The STM32 based dongle Versaloon

However, if you only have one evaluation board you can adapt the source code of MN and CN using the tutorial of the "Demo application" section.
To allow you to flash the STM32 microcontroller with the code of the CN, we provide you a link to a complete guide written by Stefano Oliveri ( that shows how to set up the Eclipse environment to compile the CN code sources (to be copied into the workspace).