The Classic Crusaders...

Dissecting Classic Literature One Novel at a Time

A Collection of Essays Written by Ms. Powell's Advanced

Placement English Students about Classic Literature

Over a period of several weeks during first semester, Mrs. Williams' Advanced Placement English Literature students have engaged in an independent novel study devoted to the analysis and research of a particular classic author and work. Specifically, these students wrote four essays regarding different aspects of study in relation to their authors and chosen novel. These essays give information regarding the following:

1.) Biographical Sketch on Classic Author

2.) Novel Summary & Explanation of its Designation as a "Classic" text

3.) Author Style Analysis

4.) Thematic Analysis


 Click here for links to students' webpages on the following classic novelists:

Hailey Rambo: Nathaniel Hawthorne                

Justin Hair: Joseph Conrad

Kati Greer: E.M. Forster

Kelsie Didion: Nathaniel Hawthorne

Stacy Ochoa: Herman Melville

Sierra Brummett: Oscar Wilde

Jeanette Angel: Herman Melville

Aaron Bird: Shakespeare

Jordan Baker: Mark Twain

"Books are humanity in print"  --Barbara W. Tuchman