PIERRE BILLIOD (1794-1874)

Pierre Billiod (Bee-yo) was born in France on February 10, 1794. His place of birth was Bussurel in Haute-Saone province. This area is near the Swiss border just west of Basil, Switzerland and about five miles from Montbeliard, France. Soon after Pierre was born, his parents moved to Echenans sous Mt. Vaudois (Echenans under Mount Vaudois). After his father died in 1814, Pierre moved back to Bussurel and on November 2, 1815 married Marguerite Catherine Caburet. In the records of their children’s births his occupation is noted to be a weaver and, later, a farmer.

On May 23, 1840 Pierre and his family boarded a French barque named Christophe Colombe at Le Harve, France, to sail to America. This 400 ton ship was making its second voyage at this time with 161 passengers. Fifteen year old Julia Ann Billiod later told her grandchildren that this ship had bad luck with wind. "Some days we sailed backwards and it took a week to make up the lost distance."

On July 22, 1840, after being asea for 61 days, the Columbe encountered the ship Florida from New York. The Florida supplied them with bread and other provisions at latitude 39-34 Longitude 67-32 from Paris according to items in the Baltimore newspaper reporting the ship's arrival on 31 July 1840. The passenger list included the Billiod family as follows: PIERRE age 40 born in France occupation Farmer, MARGTH 42, MARGTH 19, JULIE 15, HENRY 12, FRCH 9 and SUZANA 3.


Pierre and his family settled in Sycamore Township of Hamilton County, Ohio, near Cincinnati. The 1850 census describes Pierre as a farmer who owns $3,880 worth of real estate. By 1860 the value of his real estate had increased to $5,000. The 1870 census reports that he and Margaret own no real estate at all. In the 1880 census Pierre is listed as a widower living in the household of his grandson, Philip Braeleux.


At 1:30 PM on Thursday, September 4, 1884 Pierre died near Sharonville, Ohio