Jaques Jonte Born December 8, 1738

   Family stories about the French ancestors stated that one of them was mayor of their town in France.  Records show that Jaques Jonte was mayor of Bussurel for several years in the latter part of the eighteenth century.  His name appears on many of the vital records during that period.  Later records list his occupation as cultivateur or farmer.  At the time of his marriage to Anne Marie Merillot on May 8,  1759 Jaques was living in the suburb of Bussurel called Vians.  Anne Marie’s father, Abram, was from Columbe.  Also on May 8, 1759, as Jaques and Anne Marie were being married, her widowed father married Jaques’ widowed mother.  The third of the ten children born to Jaques and Anne Marie was Susanne who married George Billiod in 1787.