Eva Albertse (Andriessen) was the daughter of Albert Andriessen of Fredrikstad, Norway. She arrived in company with her parents and two brothers at New Amsterdam on March 4, 1637. She lived with them in the vicinity of the present Albany where she, in October 1647, was married to Anthony de Hooges, one of the leading men of the colony of Rensselaerwyck.

After his death, she was married to Roeloff Swarthout on August 73, 1657. He later became sheriff of the present county of a Ulster in New York. The following is a translation of the marriage contract between Eva and her second husband, Roeloff:

"In the name of the Lord, Amen, be it known by the contents of this present instrument, that in the year 1657, on the 13th day of the month of August, appeared before me, Johannes La Montagne, in the service of the General Privileged West India Company, deputy at Fort Orange and village of Beverwyck, Roeloff Swarthout, in the presence of his father, Thomas Swarthout, on the ..., and Eva Albertsen (Bratt), widow of the late Anthony de Hooges, in the presence of Albert Andriessen (Bratt), her father of the other side, who in the following manner have covenated this marriage contract, to wit, that for the honor of God the said Roeloff Swarthout and Eva Albertsen after the manner of the Reformed religion respectively held by them shall marry; secondly, that the said married people shall contribute and bring together all their estates, personal and real, of whatsoever nature they may be, to be used by them in common, according to the custom of Holland, except that the bride, Eva Albertsen, in presence of the orphanmasters, recently chosen, to wit, for Maricken, Anneken, Catrina, Johannes and Elnora de Hooges, for which sum of one hundred guilders for each child respectively (she) mortgages the house and lot, lying here in the village of Beverwyck; it was also covenated, by these presents, by the mutual consent of the aforewritten married people, that Barent Albertse (Bratt) and Teunis Slingerland, brother and brother in-law of the said Eva Albertse, and uncle of said children, should be guardians of said children, to which the aforesaid orphanmasters have consented; which above written contract the respective parties promise to hold good, on pledge of their persons and estates, personal and real, present and future, the same submitting to all laws and judges.

"Done in Fort Orange, ut supra, in presence of Pieter Jacobsen and Johannes Provost, witnesses, for that purpose called. (Signed by) Roeloff, Eva Albertse (Her Mark), Thomas Swarthout, Albert Andriessen, Jan Verbeeck, Evert Wendel, Teunis Cornelissen
(Witnessed by) Johannes Provost, witness
"This is mark of + Pieter Jacobsen.
"Acknowledged before me,
"La Montagne, Deputy at Fort Orange."

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