ESQUIRE BURDICK (abt 1813-1853)

Esquire Burdick was born in New York in approximately 1813. Few clues of his life and times exist until his arrival in Indiana. He was probably among five boys listed in his father's household in the 1830 census of Anderson Township in Hamilton County, Ohio. If this is true, he must have soon married for his first daughter was born in 1831.

At some time between 1837-1839 he moved with his family to Spencer County, Indiana, and lived near Patronville. While living there, he leased and cleared French Island in the Ohio River. After he cut down trees, he sold the wood to passing steamboat captains for them to use in their engines.

Esquire also owned farm land and raised hogs in the Patronville area. In the 1850 census, he is listed in the Ohio Township rolls as a 37 year old carpenter with $400 worth of real estate. His wife had apparently died by this time. His household consisted of himself, his son, Ben, and three daughters ranging in age from 11 to 19. One of these daughters, Susan Ann Maria, later married Jones Newton Bryan.

Esquire's estate was inventoried for probate on 30 July 1853. Following is inventory of his property:

The following notations were also included in Esquire Burdick's inventory:

One note on Andrew Johnson dated 22nd day March 1851 Due 22nd day Nov 1851 - $2.00

One note on William Johnson dated 22nd day March 1851 and due 22nd day of Nov 1851 - $4.25 Account on James Pursley $2.00 Account on Elenor Nancy $3.00 Grand Total $122.85

Recorded by County Clerk 18 Aug 1853