ANTHONY de HOOGES (abt 1620-abt 1655)

Anthony de Hooges was probably born in the Netherlands between 1620-1623. A shareholder and bookkeeper in the Dutch West Indies Company at Amsterdam named Johannes de Hooges may have been his father. The first record of Anthony is in 1641 when he sails to New Amsterdam in the employ of Kiliaen van Rensselaer; a patroon.

Any member of the Dutch West Indies Company might become a patroon and be given a large tract of land in New Netherland if he would guarantee to settle fifty farmers and their families on this The farmers would pay rent to the patroon by giving him the things they grew and by working for the patroon several days a year. In turn, the patroon was to hold court, settle disputes and punish the guilty.

Anthony de Hooges became secretary for Rensselaerwyck which was located on both sides of the Hudson River around the present site of Albany. Van Rensselaer's patroonship was said to he the only really successful one among all those attempted. Other patroons could not or would not keep their farmers satisfied or were wiped out by the Indians. He had searched far and wide to find willing settlers and finally brought over Norwegians, Swedes, Germans, English, Scotch and Irish to fill out the required number of fifty farmers.

Following are two articles which describe Anthony de Hooges and quote much of his correspondence and other records to report his life and times in New Netherland.


Secretary of Rensselaerwyck,
and His

The place and date of birth of Anthony de Hooges is not as yet known. He was younger than Arent van Curler and van Curler was 18 when he came over in 1637. Van Curler was said to have been baptised Feb. 6, 1620; so de Hooges was probably born between 1620 and 1623, as it is unlikely that he was younger than 18 when he came over in 1641. He was old enough also to have had a sweetheart in The Netherlands before he came to this country as in a letter of Kiliaen van Rensselaer to Domine Megapolensi dated March 13, 1643 van Rensselaer says:

"I hope that Anthony de Hooges will conduct himself well. What I fear most for him is that he may become addicted to drink, against which he must be strongly warned. His sweetheart here, Anneken Sporom, married at Campen (a city in the province of Overijsel, Netherlands), so that he need not wait for her any longer.  . I have sometimes thought that his thoughts were too much concentrated on her and that he liked the country less on that account.  You might tell him this when there is an opportunity, or have someone else tell him in order that he may be at ease, and especially warn him to abstain from strong drink and women. I understand that he says that he is little respected; let him behave well and have patience and he will be advanced in due time. One must first suffer before one can enjoy."

Mr. A.J.F. van Laer, archivist of the University of the State of New York, writes under the date of June 3 and 7, 1935: "Mr. Beernink, in his biography of Arend van Slichtenhorst and his father, Brant van Slichtenhorst, p 159, says in a footnote that a Johannes de Hooges was not only a shareholder, but also a bookkeeper of the West Indies Company, at Amsterdam. He does not give his authority for the statement and does not state that Anthony de Hooges was related to him.