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Utah National Parks Council (UNPC) invites you to
!! Open the door to high adventure for your youth !!
Come join us for a 3-day week-end training course and enjoy the best of our Council's beautiful mountains, rivers and streams. 
Experience the excitement of high adventure and learn how to facilitate exciting, challenging, safe, and inexpensive youth-led high adventures in your unit
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Course Forms and Pack List (Pending)

http://www.utahscouts.org/event/1669953 This is the link for 2015 Powder Horn
Register Today!!!
for more information contact us at:
Larry Call         (Council Venturing Chair):           akclerk@gmail.com
Paula Call        (Council Training Chair):              pdcall@gmail.com
Randy Keys     (PH Staff Advisor):                      rakeys@bsamail.org
Dennis Stout    (Beaver 2014 Course Dir.):
Len Brunsdale  (Wasatch 2014 Course Dir.):       lenardbrunsdale@msn.com
Gordon Lowe    (PH Resource-UNPC North):       blowe1532@gmail.com
Russ Feller       (PH Resource-UNPC South):      russfeller@gmail.com
                       (Youth President UNPC VOA):    unpcvoa@gmail.com

Powder Horn Staff Sites:
PH14-591-1B   (Beaver)