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Official Annoucement

posted Apr 17, 2011, 12:56 PM by Eric Mircsov   [ updated Apr 17, 2011, 6:04 PM ]

Greater St. Louis Area Council Scouters,

Powder Horn is coming to our council in April and May of 2012.  Your first question is what is Powder Horn?  Well, Powder Horn is a BLAST!!  It is six days of nonstop fun, high adventure activities.  It is like a summer camp, but for Adults and youth wanting a taste of different Outdoor / High Adventure activities.  No one becomes an expert from the course, but you leave with ideas of how to make the program you offer to your unit’s youth, a “WOW” program. 

What type of activities do we do at Powder Horn that can make your unit’s program become a “WOW” program?  Well, has your unit gone spelunking in one of the local Midwest caves?  Have they gone on a kayaking, canoeing, or sailing trip?  How about cooking their entire meal in a dutch oven and having a smorgasbord of dutch oven style cooking?  How about scuba diving and playing a game of catch under water?  What about going on a mountain biking trip?  How about backpacking the Ozark Trail?  Doing geocaching?  Doing a Western activity and go horseback riding?  Climbing or rappelling on real cliffs?  Going through an obstacle course on rope up in the trees?  Getting a chance to shoot a high powered rifle, handgun, and shotgun?  Traveling back in time to experience how the past lived in times of war and on the home front?   Wow, does that not sound like FUN!   Well, if you don’t believe a course could be that exciting, why don’t I show you.  Please click on this link to watch our Promo Video:

These are just a few day time activities that you will get a taste of at Powder Horn. Wait until you also experience some of the evening programs such as Casino Night, Karaoke, Line Dancing, and much more.


For a more technical description, the course will provide local resources necessary to successfully participate in Outdoor / High Adventure activities in several ways, including the following:

1.) help adult and youth leaders safely conduct outdoor activities in a FUN and challenging nature; and

2.) provide an introduction / exposure to the resources necessary to successfully lead a unit through an Outdoor / High Adventure program.  Expert consultants are the ones you will be helping with the activities and they may or may not be Scouters.


Come join us April 20th – 22nd and May 4th – 6th, 2012 for six action packed days of FUN!


If you have any questions, please contact the Course Director, Bob Vogt at:

Phone: 636-394-6809


Eric Mircsov, Assistant Course Director of Administration

Phone: 314-973-7074


Facebook Group: