We're proud of our members and their accomplishments or recent activities, whether they've had a story accepted or published, have been on national TV, published a book, won a contest, received an award, partook in an interview or book signing or sold new artwork (a few of our members are multi-talented).  

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For all those writers who get discouraged and consider giving up:

"A goal is a dream with a deadline." -Napoleon Hill

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"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work."
Thomas Edison
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I saw a quote from Danielle Lazarin this week in an email from Glimmertrain that  touched the writer inside me.  When you doubt the path you've taken, or stumble on your way, perhaps this will help:

     What you notice as a writer isn't an accident, nor is it objectively interesting, but this sense of recognition, of compulsion toward a subject or character or storyline, is the layering of the lenses of your childhood and your adulthood, your jobs and your relationships, the series of small and large decisions we make, life's little accidents constructing our fictions as much as they make our real lives. By indulging yourself in these raw materials, allowing them to be the match to the kindling of the world you walk through every day, you're likely to start a story that matters to you, one that you can't help but write, because it comes from your gut.

Danielle Lazarin


Each month we'll feature a different Author/Artist.  We want you to have fun with this, so we'll provide an expanded (and more folksy) biography of the author with a picture, followed by a list (or link to) of his/her books, merchandise and/or artwork.   Or maybe we'll include one of their stories, poems, op-eds or illustrations so there is something new each month.

Here's this month's featured author:

This month we not featuring just one author, we're featuring nine!

The Poway Pen and Ink writer's group was showcased in the August issue of IdeaGems Magazine (http://www.ideagems.com - formerly Adventures for the Average Woman).  Laurie Notch thought it would be fun to compare two writer's groups from either side of the United States.  Write On! from Brunswick, Maine and Poway Pen & Ink from Poway, CA were the chosen groups.  Each club submitted a group photo and philosophy and each member of that club submitted either a poem of 500-word story to represent a sampling of their group's writing.  We've got quite a talented bunch here and we think we won, hands down!

Go to the IdeaGems website (http://www.ideagems.com) and check out the articles by our group and see if you don't agree.  We think you'll have so much fun reading some of the excerpts, you won't be able to help yourself and will want a complete copy of the magazine.  That's how we got hooked!  At $8.50, it's cheaper than going to the movies, and a whole lot more fun!

Watch for these stories by Poway Pen & Ink in this month's issue of IdeaGems:

Linda Boltman - The Grand Canyon Trip
Claudia Aragon - Automotive Karma
Barbara Helene-Smith - The Heist
Larry (a.k.a. Larry Montgomery) - The Wading Pool
Monica Johnson (a.k.a. Emma Jaye) - My Name is Gwellent
Rae Alexander - Big News in Piggott
David Spoerner - Tough Old Bird
Janet Ball-Reed - Mrs. Jones
John Wismont - Illustrations (he's our resident artist!)

After each story is  a bio of that author.  Check them out - we've got a talented group of writers (and artists) here!

Congratulations team!  Well done!