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Serenity Gardens Residential Assisted Living Home of Potomac (Burbank Drive)
10829 Burbank Dr, Potomac, MD 20854
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Potomac Assisted Living A Pillar Of Success Every assisted living home is bred from humanity and humans wanting to help each other. Some fall off the beaten path along the way, but each home was created for the same fundamental reason; To make a difference in the lives of others. One home in Potomac MD that continues to grow and improve over time is Serenity Gardens. This is credited, in part, to the ability of management and their team to adapt to the needs of patients. Throughout the years, the management team at Serenity Gardens has learned through observations. The staff had to determine what patients were and weren’t responding to. Cold indifference towards residents did not instill faith in their loved ones when searching for a house-hunting. After all, how can someone best serve the needs of a loved one when he or she is just there to get paid and be done? Part of the reason why Serenity Gardens has seen so much success is because the staff members are listening to the nonverbal clues patients give off and reacting accordingly. Entertainment, nutritious meals, exercise opportunities, and religious outlets are all amongst services offered at the Gardens that individuals value. Patients have the opportunity to select their movies, play a game of tennis, or even go to church. Though these things are all great and fun, perhaps the most important service offered is a good company. Residents are being moved away from families and typically not seeing them as frequently. This can prove a lonely time, and individuals may begin to experience feelings of isolation. Often taken for granted are the personal connections that help combat these emotions. Realm Of Stability When an employee is miserable at work, it shows. In the healthcare field, the last thing anyone wants is to be at the mercy of someone who has had a string of bad days. At Serenity Gardens, there is a deep level of respect amongst the management team and other employees. The individuals hired are not only devoted to the institution they work for but also to the woman who runs it, Dr. Claudia Warren-Taylor. The doctor knows that if a passion for the work and the patients isn’t there, the organization will fall. In turn, when everyone shares the same values and wants to make a positive impact, the level of success is sure to skyrocket. While Serenity Gardens has found a niche in the market of assisted living, time will tell if other homes follow suit. Potomac Assisted Living Potomac Group Home Assisted Living Services in Potomac Potomac Assisted Living Group Home in Potomac Potomac Assisted Living Services Assisted Living Services in Potomac Assisted Living in Potomac