La Historia de Nuestras Vidas


New Play, La Historia de Nuestras Vidas, portrays events of the Postville Raid.

One year after the immigration raid, detained workers tell The Story of Our Lives


Approaching the one year anniversary of the AgriProcessors raid in Postville, an ensemble of Guatemalan and Mexican workers will share their experiences of immigration, arrest, and imprisonment in an original new play.   La Historia de Nuestras Vidas (The Story of Our Lives) combines the narratives of seven men detained in the May 12th raid, all of whom were temporarily relocated to nearby Decorah, Iowa following their six-month period of imprisonment.

With the support of artists and organizers in the Decorah community, the group formed Teatro Indocumentado (Undocumented Theater) and collaborated together in the creation and performance of this very timely, engaging, and socially-relevant new play.  La Historia de Nuestras Vidas provides a rare and remarkable insight into the pressing issues and personal consequences of U.S. immigration policy and the Postville raid.  Through stage imagery and dramatic reenactments, the ensemble transcends the language barrier and gives presence to the hopes, necessities, and disappointments of countless immigrant workers.  This spirited and courageous production gives moving expression to the raid’s far-reaching impact on the lives of those affected, while offering local audiences a unique and dynamic opportunity to reflect on those events.

After performing La Historia to appreciative, full audiences in Decorah and at the Northeast Iowa Community College, Teatro Indocumentado will tour their play throughout the region in the coming months to mark the one-year anniversary of the ICE raid.  In addition to performances planned at the University of Northern Iowa’s conference, “Postville: Past, Present and Future” and at the Franciscan Spirituality Center in La Crosse, Wisconsin, the ensemble will return to Postville to perform the play for both the local community and students of the Postville schools.

A work-in-progress presentation of  La Historia de Nuestras Vidas  (The Story of Our Lives) will be performed at 6:30 pm on April 25th at Saint Bridget’s Church, at 141 West Williams Street, in Postville, Iowa.  The performance is open to public; all seating is by free-will donation to Saint Bridget’s Hispanic Ministry and Teatro Indocumentado.

The completed version of play will debut on May 12th – exactly one year after the raid– in a special performance for students of the Postville Schools.

Teatro Indocumentado includes Onofre Macario Aguilar, Juventino Lopez Pichia, Luis Enrique Moncada Quiroz, Javier Lopez Sajche, Oscar Mejia Santos, Victor Sis Tepaz, and Aaron Junech Vega. The collaborative process was directed by Alex Skitolsky, co-directed by Kate Blair, and facilitated by a community of translators, including Megan Nelson and Amanda Brooks.  The play is performed in Spanish; an English translation of the play is provided in the program.

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