Velgamidragon created a trailer for the story and put it on YoutTube.  
It's since been taken down from there, 
but I, Kedakai Okami, have a back up.
Unfortunately, I don't know how to get it to embed, so you just have to click link.
I can't help you if you can't access the site, so there's no point complaining to me.

Heisei Era, year 9 (1997), the Ceremonial Battle was disrupted, denying Atemu the chance to crossover to the Afterlife.  Shortly afterward, a global flu pandemic wiped out most of mankind.  1998 saw the dawn of a new era.  Seízon, meaning survival.  The survivors are forced to face the odds of survival against starvation, wild animals, and other humans.  With electricity and advanced plumbing gone, it's back to basics, and supplies of fossil fuels have been hoarded and are extremely difficult to find, meaning that vehicles like cars are at a bare minimum.
Seízon Era, year 6 (2003).  The survivors from Domino District of Tokyo have settled in the North, in a small village they built up themselves, along with other people who have joined them along the way.  With the group's founders coming from Domino, they name the area the Domino Settlement.  But having a home doesn't mean the struggle to stay alive is over.
Now they must work together to keep up the perimeter security, and produce enough food to feed them all for the year, every year.

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